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What have u done to ur GM truck today?

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by devilsalmostfree, Feb 28, 2010.

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  1. JimmyA

    JimmyA Member 1 Year 100 Posts

    I installed a Flowmaster Super 10 muffler, single in and dual out, dumped over the axle! Sounds Great........
  2. reggiecab2000

    reggiecab2000 Rockstar 4 Years 500 Posts

    installed some new windshield wipers!
  3. nikkeshelton

    nikkeshelton Member 2 Years 100 Posts

    Drove my truck through a sand storm. Destroyed the chrome and paint! Did notice when I was going over the truck with a Farmers Agent that the chrome on my stock 20" wheels was blistering off! 2009 wheels in S. Calif. away from the beach but not inland so weather is a balmy 70. Couldn't be a better environment for an auto! What crappy products the auto industry is putting out! Makes me wonder if its any sense to put money into a new vehicle. And why is it when ever I have my fluids changed, dealer or otherwise, I end up with spots on my drive way? Oh...I had put a vinyl film called auto armor on my head and tail and fog lights so all that has to be done is peel it off and put new on! Good stuff!
  4. FrigginNoodles

    FrigginNoodles Rockstar 3 Years 500 Posts

    New wheel bearing hub assembly, brake pads, and rotated tires. Tomorrow will be oil change, wash, wax, and possibly some painting. Nice to have the truck back on the road. It's been a long week without it.
  5. SurrealOne

    SurrealOne Former Member ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    Today I:
    • Added the 200psi liquid-filled gauge to the air system's front air manifold
    • Temporarily removed my Bussmann relay box
    • Marked and drilled 3 holes in the Bussmann relay box's mount plate ... to attach the air system's front air manifold
    • Installed the air system's front air manifold
    • Installed the air system's coalescing filter
    • Reinstalled the Busmann relay box
    • Bent and plumbed a 1/2" OD annealed copper hard line from the coalescing filter to the front air manifold
    • Bent and plumbed a 1/2" OD annealed coppper hard line from the front air manifold to the rear air manifold
    • Directed, zip tied into place, and cut to length a drain hose from the coalescing filter's exhaust valve
  6. 20TahoeLT12

    20TahoeLT12 Member 1 Year

    I got my oil changed & truck washed.
  7. 2k8z71

    2k8z71 Rockstar 100 Posts

    Well this wasn't today but over the past couple of days.

    First pic is just having a little fun in the water.

    Second is driving into a mine.
  8. pmf608

    pmf608 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    I drove mine out to the local Richie Brothers auction site to take a look at the trailers that will be in next week's auction. My current trailer is great, but as my business expands I'm going to need at least a 14,000lb GVW trailer for hauling a bobcat and such. I'll keep my 14' 6,000lb utility trailer for taking my quad camping and moving my spitfire, but it just won't cut it for work.
  9. JimmyA

    JimmyA Member 1 Year 100 Posts

    My Warrenty covered Blisters on one of my wheels! If you have said 3yr/36,000 mi remaining they should replace with new, my dealer did.........
  10. SurrealOne

    SurrealOne Former Member ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    • Mounted the front quick disconnect bracket
    • Installed the bulkhead connector and front quick disconnect into the bracket
    • Plumbedthe front quick disconnect to the front air manifold
    • Leak-checked the system at 75psi and found 3 compression fittings that are leaking like mad
    • Contacted [MENTION=40941]aloxdaddy99[/MENTION] about the leaks; will deal with those when we can get together, as he's the compressed gas expert

    Pics will follow when I get a chance to post them.
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