what I be able to put a 366 big block bus motor in my 1988 gmc 2500 pickup

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by Outlaw19, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. Outlaw19

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    I have a 1988 with a 350 in it. Can I swap the 350 for a big block 366, 427, or a 454. If so what problems will i face. Also my truck has a turbo 400 transmission. Will that work with a big block motor.

    BIGG BOY Member

    yes you can
  3. moogvo

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    yes, yes and yes.

    You will have to either find the computer to run that engine or replace the prom in the computer... Then the radiator, motor mounts, fan shroud and other small details.
  4. tbplus10

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    Yes it'll work, any engine combination is possible, practical would be the next question though.
    If I remember the 366 is a taller engine than the 350 and might require a little firewall massaging or engineering with the radiator and fan assembly.
    An electric fan on the front of the radiator might give you the room to move the engine forward a few inch's so you clear the firewall, then you'll need to relocate the motor mounts and transmission crossmember and lengthen the driveshaft.
    Truthfully this type engine swap is much better for an off-road toy where you dont have as many issues to over come making it work and be legal.

    A 454/427 swap really arent practical in the sense of fuel mileage, they would fit in the engine bay with less modification.
  5. moogvo

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    A 454 will go in and work fine without any modification to the truck at all. You will have to replace some of the parts such as the radiator and computer. you can get the computer off the shelf at Auto Zone if you can't find one in a scrap yard. These trucks could be ordered from the factory with big blocks.

    Gas mileage? Meh!

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