What is a good spray on bed liner?

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by nos351wcm, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. nos351wcm

    nos351wcm Rockstar

    I want to undercoat my truck. cab, bed, under the bed,frame rails, wheel wells etc. I want to spray it on with a siphon feed spray gun bought at harbor break (freight) tools.

    I figure it makes the most sense to spray it with a gun compared to using all rattle cans. Its a lot of area to cover and want it to lay down somewhat even - i.e using a spray gun

    Does anyone know of a good spray on undercoat?

    Thanks for looking
  2. kev409

    kev409 New Member

    I've preferred the housebrand at Autozone, its about $5 a bottle and works wonder. It leaves a nice black cover and hasn't warn off yet! That is within a 9 month frame... I do reccommend you let it sit 24 hours to let it completely dry before driving around.
  3. mkruluts

    mkruluts New Member

    The best in my opinion, is Rhino Linings. This obviously won't be the cheapest, but it is strong and durable for a bed liner. Also, for undercoating, 3M offers an undercoat that is pretty good, but I haven't used it. I got my undercoat done by a local shop.
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  4. kinglt1

    kinglt1 Member

    http://www.grizzlygrip.com/boats.asp for the do it your selfer, or go to a rhino liner dealer. Make sure you do some research because not every shop does a good job installing the bedliner coating. I have herd some complain about the rhino liner being too soft and peeling easy, but that just means it was installed incorrectly. I have rhino lining on my truck and it is rock solid. Line x is another popular brand...
  5. Big75

    Big75 Rockstar 4 Years 500 Posts

    They have a gun made just for that. Don't use an old syphon or an HVLP, you need like a 4.0 tip to spay that crap out. and you need an air source of at least 8 cfm at 29psi.
  6. 06MonteSS

    06MonteSS Rockstar 100 Posts

    Rhino Linings... http://www.rhinolinings.com/index.php

    truck buddies of mine have used this on theirs, and it is awesome... one of the guys had even used his truck to cart around cinder blocks, and they didn't even make a mark on the stuff... heh...
  7. nos351wcm

    nos351wcm Rockstar

    Anyone have any thoughts on rustoleum bed liner? I should mention that i have a bed liner, its plastic. But i want to take it out, line the actual bed itself (ive heard the slide in liners can trap water and cause corrosion) spray a bed liner, the put the plastic one back in. Also i plan to spray it underneath my truck too!
    thanks for looking
  8. bowtie11

    bowtie11 New Member

    i'd go with a LINE-X theyre liners have dupont kevlar in them to eliminate fading, garenteed for life. all of our work trucks have them and no problems compared to rhino liner
  9. cubcadet

    cubcadet New Member

    I can testify that the Rhinoliner franchise isn`t the best out there, price-wise. In my experience, they`ll stand by their job, if you are able to go back to the place that does the job. I recommend the one in Mountainside, NJ, right on RT, 22, if you`re in that area. I had my bed shot there. They offer a number of options, price-wise- bed only, bed with the edge covering where the stake holes are, and any other place you want shot- wheel wells, tailgate, underbody, use your imagination, of course the price is commensurate. As to reliability, don`t bet the farm on it! I am very careful with the amount of abuse I lay on my truck. I found that the Rhinolining is very prone to chipping. My bed needed minor repair within a year. However, when I moved to Pennsylvania from NJ, I could not find a franchise that would honor the warranty. The NJ guys were more than willing to re-shoot the bed, at no charge, but I had to drive about 135 miles, one way, to get the job done, plus I had to wait for the coating to cure enough to be able to drive back home safely. I paid about $550 for the initial job. I`m satisfied overall, but it did chip in numerous places. I think that the sheetmetal in todays trucks is not as sturdy as the older trucks, and as such, will not stand up. The coatings offered today can only be judged on the strength of the surfaces they are applied to.

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