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    I currently have a 96 Suburban 2500 that we bought last year to tow our 23' toy hauler (about 9000# loaded). It does alright, but hates the steep hills. I have ended up using it as my work truck for my business that I started and it gets dirty. My wife also wants a 4x4 for herself. So with all of that said we are thinking to get rid of her Honda Accord and buying an additional Suburban/Yukon XL. We are looking to get a little bit newer one with the 8.1.

    I am going on Saturday to look at an 01 2500 Yukon XL with the 8.1, 4.10 gears, sunroof, everything. It is listed at $6900. There is about 2 square feet of damage on the rear quarter. The owner jack knifed a small trailer into it and it needs repaired. It also has a bad sensor for the auto ride. It has brand new AC and other than that has not had any issues.

    Today I found an 01 2500 Suburban loaded with everything but the sun roof. The gears are the 3.7. It has a 4 or 6 inch Fabtech lift with 35" tires. I'm going to look at it tomorrow. I'm not sure if it has aftermarket gears or not (hopefully it does). I don't think the 3.7's with the bigger tires are going to help my towing. It is priced at $7,900

    Both have around 135,000 miles, are black, have tan leather.

    What should I be looking for on the lift to make sure it is good? The ad stated that it had autoride so I'm assuming they have the shock extensions. Assuming both are in decent condition which way would you go? I have a friend who does bodywork that says he can repair the quarter panel of the first one for about $400 and the owner said the autoride part was about $300. I love lifts. This will become my wife's DD (Yes I know the gas mileage sucks, but she doesn't drive that far).

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  2. stephan

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    If you're more concerned with the towing ability than the looks of the lifted rig then I would go with the 8.1 with the 4:10 gears. The one with the 3:70s' & 35" tires is going to be a dog towing your 9,000 lb trailer up hills, much as you describe what your present tow rig does. As far as the rear quarter being messed up, it can be fixed easier than re-gearing & re-powering the other one.
  3. Z28Johnny

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    I just got back from looking at the lifted one and I wasn't too impressed. The back bumper was twisted and caused damage to the fender, everything underneath just seemed rustier than it should, and the inside was pretty dirty (shows how much the PO took care of it). One of the front tow hooks was broken off too... how does that happen? They were pretty sure that it did not have aftermarket gears and I confirmed the GT4 code for the 3.73 gears. My 96 is good looking underneath. Is it common for some of the newer ones to be more deteriorated? It is like a bunch of the undercoated was gone.
  4. stephan

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    I don't know where you live so can't say what the roads are doing to the vehicles, but a lot of a vehicles condition depends on roads, & the previous owner. If they use salt on the roads in winter that could account for most of the rust. I've never seen a tow hook broken off. Most likely it was removed. The 8.1 with the 4:10 gears is lookin better all the time isn't it?:great:
  5. Z28Johnny

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    Yeah the one with the 4.10's is looking good. I'm hoping it is nice. Since it is a private sale and has the quarter panel damage, I'm hoping that he'll let it go cheep to get rid of it. He has already bought a new Suburban.

    The tow hook was definitely broke. The PO had to have been tugging pretty dang hard. The lower fog lights both had the lenses broken out too.

    The truck was new in Canada then went to Montana for a couple years. Most of its life it has been here in Utah. My 96 Was in Utah forever and it appears all the original coatings are still on there nice. This had all the coatings off. I heard they had a couple years of bad coatings.
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  6. stephan

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    I can almost see tell tale hacksaw grooves on that tow hook ha ha. I have never seen one actually broken off, but have seen them partially torn away at the mounting bolts. It's possible that one was broken because it was pulled from the "side" rather than from the front. That could have snapped it off. The rust doesn't look that bad.
  7. Z28Johnny

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    So I bought the one I saw today. The inside was a little beat up, but the outside was pretty nice (minus the rear quarter). I offered $5,000 and he accepted!! I'll spend around a grand to fix the quarter, replace carpet, and to replace a few interior pieces that were cracked or broke. I'm happy with my deal. That thing has some power.
  8. Naptime

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    I've seen many a bent hook on Jeeps. Never a broken one. First time for everything though.
    Was your 2500 one of those 5.7 models? My 2500 with the 7.4 towed my 30 foot boat easy.

    Otherwise, congrats on the rig. Post some pics.
  9. stephan

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    Wow he came down $1900.00?? Nice going:great: That's a sparkling deal.
    That gives you a lot of extra cash to fix things. That 8.1 w4:10 gears will yank your 9,000 lb. trailer right up those hills.

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