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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by Chad513, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Chad513

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    I got into a wreck about 2 months ago and now my truck is running wrong. I drove my truck every single day for 2 years and after the crash the truck is no longer running the same way it did. Ive taken it to shops and they say it is running within its specs but I know what it should be driving like and it is not what it used to be. What could have happened in the crash to make the truck run hot? The transmission and the engine both run hot to my standards. after 2 years of driving it every single day i know what my truck drives like. It no longer drives the same. I have replaced the computer and nothing changed. What else could it be?? I seriously wanna just put my truck in the desert and burn it
  2. Chad513

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    Another thing is that the brakes are dragging. I stopped today after my engine got to 230 and transmission was at 215 and jacked my truck up and noticed that the brakes are stuck. I couldn't spin that tire to save my life.
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    First thing- sorry about the crash and hope there were no injuries. Second- what damage was done and where? You say the truck is running "wrong", could you expound on that a little? When you say drive do you mean how it handles, it runs hot and you replace the ECM? Which tire is stuck, disck or drum. Don't burn it just yet but keep it as an option!
  4. Chad513

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    Yeah everyone was fine, except for my truck. I nailed someone from behind and smashed my front end to hell. The only damage to the engine bay was the condenser. when i say my truck is running wrong i mean its running to hot, there isn't enough power, i don't get good mpg and the throttle % is different for same speeds on flat roads( i have a bully dog and can measure all of this) Yeah my old mechanic said that the fans weren't turning on and that was the problem so if we replaced the ecm the fans would turn on and no problem but that wasn't the case. id didn't fix anything but a hole in insurances pocket. So far its just the front two, i haven't jacked it up to check the back two.

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