What is involved in "re-skinning a silverado" - Body Work

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by PantheraUncia, Oct 25, 2012.

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    I did not want to "hijack" any of the treads about the new model trucks with the camo because we are all interested in what they look like and what they come with so I am asking here.

    If you have say $10,000 in body work that needs to be done (whether it looks like it or not) to do a restoration on a truck, How much more money would it cost to have all the body panels "skinned" where they remove the panels by un-doing the welds to put new panels on? (no dents, no scatches, etc) brand new skins.

    To take it a step further, what if I want custom skins. If I had access to an engineer that could go into auto cad or something similar and design brand new skins that look nothing like my factor body style and then go to a fabrication shop and have the said panels made and welded back in place on my truck body and then go through the process of having it sanded, painted, clear coated, etc.

    What type of cost am I looking at?

    I remember back in the day with the Pontiac Ferro, you could disassemble all the panels like a kit car and make it look like almost any other sports car you wanted.

    I am thinking about doing this with my truck (If I win the lotto) :).

    On a serious note, really though, what would something like this cost. I think I can make a better looking truck than the people at GM and use their truck as a base for the new design.

    To bring this back down to being realistic (for a moment) Aftermarket hoods for our trucks are between $300-$800 and an aftermarket hood is allot less involved than body panels, but it technically is a body panel.

    If you figure $500-$800 per panel + design it is a little more realistic.
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    Actually, to make a one-off steel panel for each part of a truck would cost WAY more than 800 per panel. When you buy an aftermarket hood, you have to remember that those are mass-produced and everyone who buys one pays a small part of the design, fabrication and tooling cost. What you are talking about is hand-fabricating body panels with a hammer and dolly, English wheel and many other tools that require a highly skilled (and paid) person to use. Those guys don't work cheap! You could buy a new one for a lot less!

    In order to justify doing 10k in body work on ANYTHING, it would have to be rare... like a 60s muscle car. Our trucks, all the way back to the 70s are plentiful. There are millions of 'em cheap! If your truck is in that bad of shape, Craig it off and buy another one.

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