What is plasti dip? Silverado Grille and Bowtie

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by craigman45, Apr 15, 2014.

  1. craigman45

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    I've been seeing alot of mention on this site about Plasti dip. what is it and would it be good for my stock grille on my suburban? I would like to change the plastic chrome look to white.where do you get this stuff or do you have someplace that does it for you? Last but not least whats the cost to use this product? thanx.....
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  3. Pikey

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    It is a spray on "plastic" coating. More like rubber in my opinion. There are places around my home that apply it. They charge around $150 to do rims and $500 for the entire vehicle. One local place sprayed a lambo neon green. It costs $6.99-$8.99 a can. I have never applied it to a vehicle and I don't know anyone personally that has done it. I have used the dip can on wooden handles of tools. It held up very well considering what the tools were used for.
  4. craigman45

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    I was hoping it was more of a hard plastic look,so now i'm not sure if that would be good for the grille.would white enamal with a clear coat stick to the plastic chrome on a grille or have you heard of anything better?
  5. Pikey

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    I have never tried to paint the fake chrome. I have however seen the fake chrome peel off of grills. I would be concerned about applying any type of paint or coating to it just because if the chrome starts peeling then your paint job is destroyed. Maybe someone else here has tried it and can let you know
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    well I went ahead and tried the plasti dip on the grill, (figure I can always peel it off if I don't like it.) and I think it came out pretty nice.Also did the bow tie while I was in there,now if it holds up I'll give this stuff the thumbs up. WP_000100.jpg WP_000098.jpg

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    By the way it took two cans of white and one can of glossifier to do three coats each.bow tie was done with testors model paint enamel #1209 Arctic Blue Metallic. total cost $32.00 and two hours of my time. enjoyed every minute of it! Also great plasti dip videos on Youtube by dipyourcar.com
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    that looks awesome! Nice job!!!:great:
  8. 95C1500

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    I did my bowtie months ago and it's held up great so far. multiple coats help a lot and make removal sooo much easier
  9. 4silverado

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    I painted the grill and bowtie with it. It survived the salt this winter just fine. Its been done for about 6 months with no issues so far.
  10. ChevyFan

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    Actually looks really good. Nice job.

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