What is the definition of "Billet"??

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by mayers2007, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. mayers2007

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    I'm going to ask the members a simple question. What do you think is the definition of "Billet" ??

    Would a stainless steel mesh grille be considered a billet grille??

    I really appreciate your input into the matter.
  2. ejohnson03

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    n 1. a chunk of wood, esp for fuel
    2. (Engineering / Metallurgy) Metallurgy a. a metal bar of square or circular cross section
    b. an ingot cast into the shape of a prism

    Essentially, a part our produst that has been created out of a single chunk of material.

    Billet aluminum or steel products are typically milled from a single cast part.:rules:
  3. NWI_#73

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    I would not think a grille would be made from billet stainless steel. Maybe it's "simulated" billet.
  4. mayers2007

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    Thanks for the replies. I actually am in the industry of selling Billet grilles. I'm in a big debate with an account manager I have on a marketplace trying to fight the members false advertising their products.

    A stainless steel mesh grille should be defined as such and not "Billet mesh grille" I would be more lenient if it was made from aluminum mesh.

    Due to the corporate size of my competitor I have no chance of fighting this issue. They will side with the company that makes them more money.

    The original Billet grille was made Circa 1989 by Carriage Works. They also have the original bolt over billet grille Circa 1994. I worked for local company Grille Technologies who have been manufacturing the grilles since 2004. Every true American billet grille manufacturer will back me up on this. Most of these competitors I speak of are based out of foreign countries such as China. They have factories producing the grilles at half the cost we can over here. They will try everything to compete against us including keyword spamming. Just frustrating that's all.

    I have no other choice, but to fight back with lower prices and better service.
  5. mill8365

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    So, does this mean you can get your friends here at gmtruckclub a discount on "billet" grilles?? :great:

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