What is the difference between a z71 and non z71

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    My 2001 Burb 1500 4x4 doesn't have the z71 package. I work with a guy that has a 2004 Z71 Tahoe 4x4 and I love the way it looks. What exactly does the Z71 package add to the Burb? I would like to get wider tires but I have the stock 16x7 wheels and I was thinking about getting a set of 17x7.5 Z71 rims and maybe running 265-75-17 or 285-75-17. Would I have to raise the suspension or body at all? The tires will be taller since I am going to a 17" wheel and keeping the sidewall height, or maybe I will have to drop the sidewall down to a 70 instead of 75
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    The Z71 has 17" rims, skid plates, bilstein shocks (for sure) and (I think) thicker anti-roll bars. Plus the exterior mods on the body. If you go to a 17" then you dercrese the sidewall ratio. So if you have a 265-75-16 and you want to go to 17 you just bring the ratio down by 5, 265-70-17 or 265-65-18 for 18" rim.
  3. As VNCJ96 said, with my 2005 there are some misc exterior differences which I'm not sure if they are options for the non-z71 or not.

    check this out, shows a good mix of inside/outside pics.


    if you note the step on the first couple of pics is much different than in other pics. mine is like pics 1,2 and is a bar type, according to my wife is much nicer for her(she is handicapped). we had an 2003 Tahoe LTZ? before we got this truck a couple years ago, and she loves the ride on our Z71 compared to the Tahoe. The only thing I've upgraded thus far are the tires. just so you know, you can fit 285/70/17 on the 2005 suburban :D Next up will probably be CAI, or a chip. not totally sure yet.
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    G80 rearend standard...

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