what is the name of this part ?

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    on my 1990 k1500 4x4 with 5.7 v-8, what is the part thats on the same bracket as the EGR vacuum solenoid and electronic spark control module ?
    its at the rear of the bracket on the passengers side, and has a green electrical connector and vacuum hose that goes to the back of the throttle body.

    i have replaced everything except that part and the spark control module. including, EGR, EGR vacuum solenoid, TPS, IAC valve, knock sensor....
    while im at it i want to change that part, if i knew what it's called.

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    Posting a picture of the part you are talking about may help get an answer. A picture is worth a thousand words.

    RATRODKING Rockstar 100 Posts

    been searching for a while and think i found it... MAP sensor....
    i have never worked on these newer trucks. lol. well, 22 year old trucks.. with all these sensors and electronics.. would hate to think about working on a modern truck...

    thanks guys

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