What is the story behind your screen name?!

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by ntbush83, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. Johnny_Buchanan

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    Mine is ripped off from pulp character who drove a Cadillac (or Buick, depending on story). I picked it up when I fullfiled my Caddy urge and needed screen name for club forum, didn't see the need for a new one for gm truck forums when time came.


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  2. Boonduff

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    Mine came from a day and night of heavy drinking. Friends and I were doing some bar hopping along Mill Ave., which is right off of the ASU campus, as I crossed a street a truck performed a u-turn. I got knocked down by the drivers side mirror and the rear tire ran over my legs. I'm told that after the truck rolled over my legs I sat up, looked at my friends and the only thing I said was " boonduff" before busting out in laughter. I got pretty lucky. i had a mild concussion and scrapes and bruises on my legs. I thank the alcohol for keeping me loose. Ever since I've been known as boonduff or boon.
  3. rileyjr16

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    Well I guess its my turn. Riley is my last name which was applied to me freshmen year of highschool because we already had 3 other Charles' in my class. Jr I get from my uncle as I look just like my old man he did when he was my age. 16 was when I got my first love, 1997 Chevy Silverado - Cheyenne trim, reg cab, V6 and 2wd.
  4. UpsetProps

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    Name of me and my friends music production / promotion company.

    Taken from a song lyric: "People be givin' me upset props, I mean mad respect!"
  5. GMCErica

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    Well I drive a GMC (Envoy) and my name is Bonnie-Erica, so I pulled the GMC and Erica together- GMCErica... :) sounded sexxxy!! hahaha
  6. Jimmeh

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    I grew up with this kid that was southern, and most of my family and friends called me Jimmy or Jamey back in the day. Being Southern, he pronounced it "Jimmeh". Pretty soon all the kids in school were saying it the same way, and it eventually evolved into a somewhat more retarded way much like the "Timmy" character from south park.

    Every now and then I run into somebody who will yell "JIMMEH!" if they see me. Have been thinking of putting it on my plate, but we'll see.
  7. Coach24

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  8. 05CCZ71

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    I was born in 1905, I like Cheese and Crackers(hence the CC), Z is my favorite letter, and 71 is for how many times i've been married.

    OR I own a 2005 Crew Cab Z71. One of the two.
  9. Als09Sierra

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    I hope not. That would be a lot of alimony. :lol:

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    C'mon Coach...
  10. Coach24

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