What kind of Gas Mileage are you getting in your Savana/Express?

Discussion in 'Chevy Express Forum (GMC Savana)' started by 1flyfisher, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. 1flyfisher

    1flyfisher New Member

    What kind of Gas Mileage are you getting with your GMC Savana or Chevy express?

    I have a 2010 1500 GMC Savana AWD with 5.3L and 3.73 gears and the computer says 15.3 mpg.

    Please state What you have. Whether it is a 1500, 2500, 3500 and what engine and gears, 2wd or AWD and what mpg you are getting?
  2. MPC-Silverado

    MPC-Silverado New Member

    i have a 2500 2wd with a 5.3 its an 07 i get like almost 18 mpg
  3. jampg

    jampg New Member

    I have the Express 1500, 5.3L 3.42 gear, AWD. I only have less than 100 miles so let me get some miles in and I will report back. Right now it is too early to tell.
  4. powerhaulic

    powerhaulic New Member

    '08 1500 Savana AWD 5.3 3.42 59000k miles 13-15 around town 18 on highway
  5. stephan

    stephan New Member

    Silverado C3500 2wd 5.7L 4:10 gears, 33" tires 700R4 with .70 overdrive.
    11.8 mpg for 50/50city & secondary roads, 17.5-18mpg freeway @65mph in O.D.
    8.0 mpg towing boat & trailer 12,500 GCVW.
  6. jampg

    jampg New Member

    After 800 miles the onboard says 13.7.
  7. jampg

    jampg New Member

    Approaching 2000 miles. 14.3 according to the onboard.
  8. 1flyfisher

    1flyfisher New Member

    You can reset that onboard mpg any time you want if you want to see how you do on the highway or in city exclusively. I have been resetting it when I go on a long highway drive.
    I am getting 20+ mpg on the highway 65mph and a little over 15+ in mixed driving which is around town with city and highway.
    Overall I am getting over 15 which isn't too bad and that 20+ highway is nice. LOL HOPE the onboard is accurate!!!!
    I do drive slow and I am easy on the gas pedal and I like to coast a lot so maybe the way I drive is actually getting me those numbers #'s and the onboard pc is accurate. I will find out when I do my calculations.

    This is according to the onboard pc.
    I am going to start doing my own calculations as soon as I refill the tank with gas.

    Also how are you liking your Express AWD???? I had my Savana out in some deep snow up at Tahoe on an unplowed road (2+ feet deep with hacked up snow ruts) the other day. It chewed right through with the BFG's. Real nice.

  9. jasonsjwou

    jasonsjwou New Member

    I have 2003 Savana 1500, 5.3L V8, RWD.
    It is a explorer high-top conversion, with 265 width tires.
    73-75 MPH using cruise control, I get about 16.5 MPG.
  10. jampg

    jampg New Member

    Cool. I didn't realize you can reset. So I reset yesterday morning. It's back to just over 14 in the city.
    As far as the AWD. Holy Crap... its awesome. Taking off from the light in the snow is pure fun. I love being next to a 4X4 and leaving them in the snow dust.
  11. 1flyfisher

    1flyfisher New Member

    Yeah reset that on board pc when ever you want to recheck your MPG. Like when you go on a highway miles trip.

    Here's what I do. When I am getting ready for a 60 mile highway ride I let the vehicle warm up. THEN when I pull out of the driveway I reset the pc to see how I do on a highway trip.

    For Highway driving I get 20 MPG+. BUT it all averages out and overall I am getting around 15+ mixed city/highway.
    So really the vehicle gets around 15. BUT a LONG HIGHWAAY trip I do good at 20+.

    These rigs do great in the snow and light off road, IF you get some decent ALL TERRAIN TIRES. I have a few folks up here at tahoe that say the AWD VAN does much better in the snow than their CHevy/GMC pickups and SUV's.

    Good Luck.

  12. jampg

    jampg New Member

    My stock General tires are not that great when I 90 degree turn on snow. I need to remember to slow down for that. I see what you mean.

    On the next road trip I will reset and check highway milage. Thanks.
  13. 1flyfisher

    1flyfisher New Member

    These were the tires that came on my 2010 savana. General Ameritracs http://www.tirerack.com/survey/Surv...AmeriTrac&fromTireDetail=true&tirePageLocQty=

    After reading through the reviews on TireRack and speaking to some Express/Savana AWD owners around Lake Tahoe that initially had them, I decided to immediately sell them and the wheels. I got $500 for the tires and GMC wheels. I called around town one day to local businesses like Plumbing co's Airconditioning heating co's and I sold them in a half hour. I am glad I did. Folks told me some bad stuff about them. Particularly in snow and rain, plus they don't last anyway.

    Worst rated tire on tire rack. Be careful if you have these General Ameritracs. I only had them on for 200 miles so I can't give a full evaluation. I did however drive them twice in a thunderstorm and once while getting on the freeway accelerating on a sharp turn ramp that enters the freeway I b roke traction. I didn't like that. I had new wheels ordered right after I got the vehicle so I just got rid of them. The BFG's have been very nice. LOL Any AT tire toyo, GY, bridgestone etc, would be better than those Ameritracs. I wanted Peace of Mind as I drive off road frequently and in snow. I am happy i dumped them.
  14. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan Administrator Staff Member

    Let's keep this thread going.

  15. Okole

    Okole New Member

    New member. Just got a 2000 Express LS 5.7 passenger van.

    Getting about 13.5 MPG mixed hwy and town with full load.

  16. croach1776

    croach1776 New Member

    96 Silverado Ext Cab with 5.7L crate engine - 13+ in town driving
  17. Okole

    Okole New Member

    After a couple of months MPG is between 11.5 and 13.5 depending on the right foot! Average is around 12.5. All driving is around town with some hwy and always with a full load of tools.

  18. vannooch

    vannooch New Member

    With my new 5.7 goodwrench crate engine, I am getting 13.5 to 14 around town and I just got 19 on the highway at 75 mph through the mountains of Virginia and West Virginia.
  19. Sierraowner5.3

    Sierraowner5.3 New Member

    averaging right around 15 lately... do much better highway... 20 +

  20. Ruffus

    Ruffus New Member

    Bought my 2002 conversion van in early November. With the 5.7, 3:73's & 235-70-15 tires I got 18.5 mpg's with cruise control set to 65 mph on 2 hour highway ride home. Since then I've added taller tires. Don't know what kind of mileage I'm getting now.

    Looks like I'll need to put in 4:11's to get my final drive ratio back to stock. Hopefully this summer + a TrueTrack

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