what kind of lifters and cam to get?

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by Lifted_Bowtie, Dec 25, 2010.

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    I have a pretty bad lifter tick/knock.. so, I was going to replace the lifters, cam, and possibly the rocker arms... how do I know what kind of cam to get? How do I know what kind of rocker arms to get... for the cam, I want a mild choppy sound, I was looking at the edlebrock cam and lifter sets, I just don't know which one to get to give me what I want... thanks guys!
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    You really haven't told us "what you want" this cam to do for you. You don't really pick a cam by "a mild choppy sound" There are probably 20 different cams that will give you the choppy sound/lumpy idle. You pick one by where in your RPM range you want your torque/hp curve. Edelbrocks a good choice. Your best bet is to call one of their techs & tell them "exactly" what you want. Make an honest determination of how you will be using your rig (towing, rock climbing, mudding, highway driving, city driving, hill climbing etc)
    Also, decide if mpg or more torque/hp is a factor for you. Look through their catalog before you call & narrow it down to 2 or 3 choices that you think you might want & then when you call, ask them to tell you the differences between these, & explain why each one would be beneficial to you & the type of driving you want to do.

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    YEP, what he said !!!!

    it all depends on what u want and how u use it !!!!

    It also should ( NEED ) to match the rest of the engine in order to work 100%
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    Wow stephan made a comment without throwing in a joke?! Did this just happen?! Haha

    But I agree 100%!
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    Ha Ha Ha too funny Nathan. Between you & Scottys "I'm with stupid" sign with the arrow pointed at me, Lifted Bowtie isn't going to take my post seriously lol..

    BTW I noticed you & Scott aren't wearing your "Class Clowns Badges" I issued you when you joined my club.. I gotta say, I'm a little dissappointed in you two...

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    Stephan , stay focused here ..we all want to help this guy.

    But the badge did not suit me well...LOL
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    lol, I AM focused. Cam horsepower, cam mpg, cam torque, cam wheelstands, cam burnouts, cam wife pizzed...

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    the last 3 are fake ..lol
    but it all depends on cam lobe and cam lift......hehehehe

    Then again, it would be nice to know for which engine ???

    4.3,4.8,5.0,5.3,5.7,6.0,7.4,8.2 ????mmmmhhhh

    or maybe 4.5,6.2,6.5,6.6 ( DIESEL ) lol
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    The last 3 are fake? Look at my sig pic diesel boy lol, as for the last one ask my gf

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    LOLOLOL..your GF already told me about she beeing pissed at u all the time, thats why your camstand is to far appart and she burns out on u all the time...hahahahahahahahaha LMAO

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