What lift should I do? Need serious help!

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  1. TravisBoyd

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    I have a 2008 Chevy Silverado 1500 Crew Cab 4x4 that is stock. I really want to lift it, just for the looks. I am looking for something between 4-7 inches and am super indecisive. First question, what do y'all think would look best? Next, full suspension or suspension and body? What would be the cheapest? What tires would go good with it? Again, I'm just a teenager wanting my truck to look bad ass for as cheap as possible. I don't need the full performance lift, but still want it to ride smooth. Thanks guys!

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  2. cedicol

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    Lifting is a serious thing. You change geometry of your car so you better wath out what you do and what you buy. Cheap is not always the way to go. Most of the time when i doing repairs i buy my pieces al little more expensive but i do the work myself. That's the way i keep it cheap. So maybe it's better to buy a kit of 1.000+$ and installe it yourself then to buy a 500$ kit and leaf the work to somone else. I dont know your knowledge about cars but that is just the way i think and how i do it.
    Now about they height to go. I think a 4inch lift on the suspension would do the trick. It cost less and then if you think it's still not enough you can also put a body lift on ther. That way you dont change to mutch on the geometry of the car and you got the super lift you want.
    On the tires, thats a diffucult one. In my opnion it's beter to wait and see after you did the lift. I personallie like to look when you have lots of space between the tire and the body. Maybe you like it better all fild up. That is somthing you have to decide for your own. You have to like it and nobody else. Dont you think so?
    Good luck on the mods and looking forward to see them.
  3. rileyjr16

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    There are multiple ways to go up. Lift keys will add 2 inches up front and a 3 inch body would be 5 and wouldn't be a bank breaker. Coil over shocks from Rancho are also an option. Straight up suspension lift kit is another way but its quite expensive. If I had the money I'd be doing suspension on my 99 but it'd be only 3 inch and run 33s on 17" GMC wheels.

    As for tires 33-35 inch but I'd personally take 33s for better mileage and you won't have to trim plastic as much if at all.

    I'd go check out [MENTION=48263]Red Z71 Max[/MENTION]'s truck as well and see if thats a look you're going for.

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    BTW, nice truck and welcome aboard
  4. ajarman

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    First off you dont have keys so dont look down that ave. You need to ask yourself what size tire are you wanting to run with what offset wheels. If 35's start looking more at the 7" kits such as FTS if you are wanting to run more like 33's look at 4" BDS, Rancho or FTS. And if you dont care about cutting metal on your truck and running 35's you can look at the 4" kits. Also, something else to think about is if you are wanting to run 35's you will need to regear.... more $$$$. Lifting a truck (the right way) is not something you can do cheap.

    You can catch Rancho rebates once a year so that would save you $500 bucks off their kit. I waited an extra 6 months to buy mine to save that little bit of money, but it paid for my gears.
  5. mfleetwood

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    If you really are looking at cheap as possible, then maybe you should wait until you can afford something a little more quality. It may be cheap on the front end, but will probably end up costing you down the road. Like ajarman said, typically Rancho offers a $500 rebate once a year. When I got my kit, I also took advantage of that deal. ....Or start looking into body lifts (I'm not familiar with any so can't provide you any suggestions there). My personal preference is suspension first for a number of reasons, but mainly because I like/need the additional height as I do a ton of off-roading.

    And x2 what ajarman said about the keys....2008s do not have.
  6. ahmitchell1

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    I'm young too so I understand ya but if your gunna try and not spend a lot. I'd go with a leveling kit, which is super easy to install throw on some 33in tire dont go any widat than 12.50. Lift kits aren't cheap start saving up 2 grand and get the 4 inch ranco lift and then keep your leveling kit you bought earlier and you got a big ass truck. Idk if you like it load but a cheap way to have a load truck is to disconnect the exhaust after ur resinator and just pull the back half off, I did that for a few months before I bought a 10 series flow and made an exhaust. The key to not spending a lot of money is by doing it yourself.

    My roommate is from San Antonio and he said all Texas trucks need a ranch hand on the front.haha that you should know.
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  7. Blackout07

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    3" body lift +2" leveling kit and 33s. That is the absolute best bang for the buck and looks great. I ran that setup on my truck for the first year I had it.
  8. aloxdaddy99

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    I would second many of the thoughts of the previous posters. You should save some money and due it right the first time. I am a fan of Rancho products. I would go with a 4" kit from them. The price may be a bit on the higher side but you get what you pay for. If the price for that is too much for ya I would recommend the level kit route. You can get a level kit for around $100 or so. Tires in 33" range can be had for around $800. For about $1k you can have a capable off road truck, and one that will look nice also. Good luck with your choice and post some pics when you get it done.
  9. alabamaxrebel

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    If I was looking to get the most amount of lift for the cheapest, but yet still have quality, I would go with the Zone Off Road 2" leveling kit and put their 3" body lift on top of it. To my knowledge, body lifts give more clearance than a suspension lift (correct me if I'm wrong guys). Zone Off Road also sells a 6.5" full suspension lift for around $1300, and Zone is also owned by the same company that owns BDS so I think it has really good quality stuff.

    I will attach a picture of my truck, Im running a 4" Rancho, 2" leveling kit, and a 1.5" Zone Off Road body lift. The Rancho kits run somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 grand. You can get a nice Fabtech or BDS lift for that price.


  10. mfleetwood

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    You can get the Rancho 4" kit on Amazon for less than $1,500.

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