what mods do the chicks/wifes/mistresses like about your truck?

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by mudpuppy, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. marko54

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    Girlfriend loves the Kenwood DNX6180. Why? , too lazy to read a map!
  2. Red Z71 Max

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    My wife doesn't get the whole Mod thing in fact she dosen't like driving my truck either. She says it too big and hard to drive. I will say she gets a kick out of people coming up to me all the time to tell me" That's a nice truck ya got there Beau!!!". I get it all the time and she just gives me that look ( :no: ) everytime!!! LOL

    PS; Beau in South Carolina is like Bubba in Texas. Everyone is called Beau!! :lol:
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  3. rileyjr16

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  4. 08_rado_rocker

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    Soon-to-be-ex-wife hates the thought of the mods.. loved the exhaust, power, and system.

    But every other girl i talk to.. love the blue led's under the dash and seats, the orgasm-inducing system, when the exhaust screams and wheels spin, and of course.. the person driving! :rofl: Mostly.. the fact that I have a truck is LOVED by women.. always wanting to go out to the middle of nowhere and sit in the bed n watch the sky!
  5. ahmitchell1

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    Women do love trucks especially clean classics and anything lifted
  6. Coach24

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    Hey Beau, Nice rig you have there! Red show your wife this post!LOL

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    Well...................... If I had any of the three I could tell ya all about it. But seeins I don't I guess I just get to read your posts.
  7. mudpuppy

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    wow, $15k. really? im a member with caco forum. we have guys on there with maybe 5-6k invested breaking world records. 15k would be some massive extreme life threatening level of sound from those guys. no question about it jl makes clean sounding audio. however they have let there reputation in the mainstream audio world over inflate there prices. im currently running 3 audioque hdc3 12's d1ohms 3inch coils that are about as good as 1.5 13w7's and only cost $250 each. if you blow them, no big deal. recone kits are about $120. the average amp they sell is 3500 by 1 that can run up to 18vdc. they also custom build to order a 20,000wrms amp requiring 11k amps worth of batteries to power it. audioque is just 1 of the big boys, you also have sundown audio, re audio, digital designs(this stuff rocks but a little higher priced), incriminator audio, and the list goes on.

    i must say everyone's mods listed here so far sound pretty nice. and Amac is more then welcome to wax my truck lol. i dont think mudpuppy has even been waxed before. by the time the paint starts looking bad i just repaint. im bad about that.(cant seem to find the color i truly want) the car has been repainted 3 times so far. since i do it myself it only cost about $400 each time for the car. mudpuppy will be getting its first repaint this summer. im thinking supplies and paint is likely going to run me closer to $900 for mudpuppy. thats also including everything needed to rework the undercarriage.

    since i posted this i had my rad fan and water pump go out. i got 2 16inch 2100 cfm electric fans from summit and built an aluminum plate shroud for them. these things are extremely efficient and with the windows down you cant here them at all at so much as 15mph. http://www.summitracing.com/search/?keyword=pro-67016&dds=1 very very good fans. i suggest these to anyone wanting to convert to electric fans. cheap, powerful and efficient.

    as for the one guy worried about mpg once getting bigger tires, no matter what your mpg will go down. you add mass, you lose energy. however you can offset it alot by matching the axle gear ratio to the increased tire size. basically instead of calculating the proper speedo gear for speed correction, calculate gear ratio for speedo correct. this is the best way to limit mpg and power lose.
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  8. zigger215

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    breaking world records in what? im not aware of an SPL record holder change or any new claims.
  9. ahmitchell1

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    I'm a big fan of digital design I got a buddy with one of there massive subs. I agree it's over board, one w7 would be loud enough for me. And it's gotta be around 15 grand for all the work he's got 12 grand in parts alone. And I agree about jl being way over priced but I've had my same w6 since I was 16, so if I ever buy another sub I feel like I just have to go with jl they have never done we wrong. Btw have u seen there marine speakers, talk about over priced I have them in my Malibu 23lsv and they lasted a year because I like load music when I'm on the lake . Now I got all wet sound
  10. mudpuppy

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    there are many many different classes, power ranges ext for spl now. we have 1 guy with a solo dd 18 in a sealed trunk, 2200wrms, t-line box, some other technical stuff that i dont understand and finish with a world record for his class that he was competing in. as for me, ill likely never break or even make it to any records so long as im using a suburban. there is to much room to fit way more stuff than what i can afford. i know as for local spl events ill likely win alot. this summer will be my first time competing personally so ill be happy to even compete let alone win anything. the big objective for me is building a competition grade system that is also a daily, musical, clean sounding system. hence is why im going to run 8 possibly 10 6.5 AQ pro audio mids and 2 8inch Crescendo pro audio mids. along with 4 AQ super tweeters.

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    and yes, my system is still very small compared to about half of the people at caco.
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