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  1. hoosyurdaddy

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    I have been trying to sell my 88 Burb without much success.It has a rebuilt 6.5 diesel and a straight rust free body.Needs a paint job and a few minor things but has many new parts including a radiator.Its a 2500 4x4 with a warn winch.I figured that the rust free barn door body would be worth something as well as the motor and new parts but I am not getting a lot of interest.Really what is a rig like this worth.I would welcome any comments.Just got a call on it from Canada while I was writing this.Not trying to sell it on the forum but I need help pricing it fairly.
  2. janikphoto

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    What are you trying to sell it for? A decent price can be quickly figured by watching both your local craigslist and autotrader sales for a week. The ones that sell are priced right... the ones that are still listed are priced too high. I wasn't pricing your body style when I searched for mine, but I quickly found out the range for 1999 year models selling in my area.
  3. Crawdaddy

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    If it wasn't half a country over, it would be sold to me in an instant. I love that bodystyle, been wanting 4x4, 3/4 ton, and the 6.5 diesel spearately.
  4. phoebeisis

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    Crawdaddy- I follow CL- just NOLA CL- I usually see one or two of those diesels a year.The last ones I saw had really beaten up bodies-real POS "RUNS GOOD"-the asking price was low-under $2000 is my memory- but they were junk money pits.
    I would guess a good body 88 4x4 with a proven "good motor trans" would be worth maybe $3000-$4000 or so around here-maybe $1000 more if the AC works.

    Where the OP is-Oregon-I would guess a 4X4 would be worth a bit more.

    If the paint is really horrible that turns some folks off and sometimes makes it a tougher sale.
    Here in NOLA it would sell quickly at $2500-OK at $3500- very slowly at $4500- never at $6000(now it might be worth $6000 to someone if you can prove the rebuild motor injection "stuff" etc)
    Some folks LOVE DIESELS!!(but a used one can be a horrible money pit if it needs work-wearas a SBC 350 you can always get a new genuine Goodwrench for $2000 dropped curbside-one of the main reasons folks love those 350- 5.7-cheap to fix reliable )
    In NOLA we have a lot less rust than the midwest and NE. Does Oregon use salt on the roads? If so a good no rust body is worth more.

    If you are priced right- just be patient- you'll eventually find someone who really wants that good body with a diesel that isn't worn out.
    Injector "stuff" rebuilt replaced also?? That is worth some $$-
    Be patient and check comparable sales/asking prices in Oregon
    Check Ebay for comparable Suburbans withn a 750 mile radius
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  5. hoosyurdaddy

    hoosyurdaddy Rockstar

    Thanks for the input Charlie,The paint is bad but the body is rust free and I have receipts for all the work including the motor.I have it listed at 2700 down from 3200 but I hate to take less because the body is so straight.No salt on the roads here,we are in the high desert and its really dry with not much snow.I`ll keep it listed at that price.
  6. Rockstarrchevy81

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    Do you have any pic's of the burb?
  7. phoebeisis

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    $2700 is low enough for a running Suburban with a good body and good drivetrain.I wouldn't go lower.

    I would play up the potential FE saving of the diesel in your add.
    You wouldn't think folks who buy a 6000 lb 4x4 truck would be concerned with FE- but they are.
    I might even exaggerate how well it does FE wise.
    I might claim something like " This 6.5 diesel gets an honest 21 mpg at highway speeds" heck that is probably close to true at say 62mph.
    Is that a turbo diesel or did GM Turbocharge later models?
    A buddy of mine had an early 80's 350 diesel Suburban- 2wd- he said it got an honest 25 mpg at 55 mph( national speed limit back then).It was an unrelaible POS but it got great FE!!

    Yeah play up the FE- sounds crazy- but used Suburbans become much harder to sell when gas is $3.50-so playing up the FE will help sell it.YEAH,I know diesel sells at a 10% preminum , but folks don't always think when they buy- and a lot of folks just need an excuse to buy the Suburban they really want"honey it is a diesel and they get great FE"

    ps If it has a dead AC- many do- it will sell much better once the weather cools-maybe Oct where you are.
    Be patient-$2700 is a favorable price
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  8. hoosyurdaddy

    hoosyurdaddy Rockstar

    Fuel Economy is nothing to brag about.It has 4:10 gearing and the TH400 tranny.

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  9. phoebeisis

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    Well, that is why you exaggerate a little bit.Lotta folks believe ALL DIESELS get great FE.
    No point in telling them otherwise-!!
  10. janikphoto

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    I avoided most all the ads that didn't have pics, so hopefully you have them on your ad...

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