What Should I do with the suspension?

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    I have a 2005 GMC Sierra 1500 4wd. It appears to sit fairly low at least in my opinion. I have recently switched from F150s, F250s, etc. and all of them seemed to sit higher even when bone stock. I am not really interested in jacking it up to the sky because I use the truck for work and ride a lot of miles but I am getting ready to have to replace the shocks and thought it might be a good time to do something like a leveling kit or lift kit. I don't anticipate putting huge tires on it, just trying to get a better look. My question is, what kind of kit should I put on it and then what size wheels and tires, keeping in mind that ride quality it just as important as off road ability.
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    Lift kit...

    If your worried about cost, you can put some 3 inch lift blocks on the axles for next to nothing , but if price isnt an issue i would go more towards a suspension lift sounds like a 3 inch lift would be all you need for what your going for. As far as tires , if you dont want your gas mileage to change stick with what your running but you could fit up to 33s on it, and it would look better, but for a work truck i guess you gotta balance fuel economy and looks and decide whats more important to you.
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    A leveling kit would be just the ticket for what you are looking for. There are a few threads on here about leveling kits and here is a SITE that is one of the better leveling kit manufacturers so that you can read more about them. You should have no problem with 33's on your truck once it is level.
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