What size GM/Chevrolet wheels fit a 1993 Chevrolet K2500 Subburban?

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    The theme for my truck was what it should have looked like from the factory. So, I do not want tons of nifty and expensive aftermarket components on it, which is why I am running chrome 16" Denali rims. They look really good and give a good gripe with the Cooper rubber when I go off-road maybe once or twice a month. But I really want to full out that wheel well, and need to know what are the biggest stock - e.g., General Motors Corporation or Chevrolet - rims I can fit on this application. Since it is not electronic, what would I have to do, if anything, to recalibrate the transmission once I do?
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    You have to change the speedo gear in the trans. It's quite simple: 700r4 application?

    Undo the speedo gear from the trans
    Remove the retainer from the gear housing that the cable screwed to via 3/8x16? Bolt (1/2" head)?
    Slide the housing out of the trans (you may need a big set of channel locks to get a hold of it good)
    And vua la

    Reverse order for install.
    Disclaimer: I haven't looked at a 700r4 In a few years now so some steps may vary lol
    Post photo of your trans for help

    You should be able to fit 33's with a leveling kit with 16" wheel the equivalent is a 285/75/16
    Numerical size will differ with wheel size change

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