What size is a 98 Chevy step side bed

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  1. JohnGTO

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    I am a Pontiac/ Chevy guy. I have just recently got this Custom Dodge truck from a family member that I am trying to restore to sell. It's really custom.
    I was wondering if anyone knows the top inside bed dimensions on a 1998 Chevy step side with a regular cab. I have a bed the looks just like that on a Dodge truck that I am trying to find a cover for and nobody that sells the covers is helping me.
    I have loaded a picture so everyone can see this truck.
    The only thing that was suggested is that this bed was made for a limited time for Dodge while they were making them for Chevys.
    I just trying to see if the Chevy is the same so I don't have to have one custom made.

    John C
    Marlton, NJ
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    Just a thought, I have done this myself on some covers and years. Look up the covers part numbers on both trucks and see if they match. or you could get the dimentions of a review site for those trucks and years. You would be surprised at what you can find thru searches. Just takes some time. Hope this helps.
  3. JohnGTO

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    Step side Bed size

    Hi, Thanks for the advice.
    I have found out through another member that the 88-98 Chevy C/K Step side has the same bed with
    the Dodge tail lights. I had install a TUff TONNo and it looks Great!

    John C

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