What size of Rims would be best ? What size of tires ?

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    Hi I am new here. I have a 1998 GMC Sierra Pick-up truck with a 4.3 L V6 Engine. I have ( I think ??? ) are P235 75R15 Goodyear Wrangler Tires on my truck on the orginal rims ( 15 x 7 JJ rims ??? )
    They have 5 lug nuts bolt pattern.

    The orginal rims are gets lots of surface rust and I am thinking of buying some new rims to replace them.

    My question(s) are as follows:

    1. What size of rim should I be looking for ???? ( If I want to keep the same size of current tires on the new rims )

    2. If I decide to go to a lower profile tires such as a 60 or 50 series - any suggestions / ideas as to what size of rim / tire combination I would need to go with ???

    This truck is a daily driver back and forth to work and I drive approx. 14 miles one way to work each day.
    It is a GMC Sierra 1500, model " SL " - it's a 1998 with only 95K miles on it.

    Many thanks for all your help!

    Shamokin Dam, PA
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    15x8 would give you a good setup as far as availabilityo of sizes you can install. you can still run the 235's but can go up to a 12.5"wide tire if wanted sometime in the future. As far as low profile tires I think most would be an 18+ inch rim.

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