What size U-joint bearing cap do i need?

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    I have a 1998 Chevy silverado k1500 extended cab short bed that needs new u-joints at the transmission and at the differential. What size u-joint bearing caps do I need to buy? 1 1/16"? 1 1/8"?

    I also know that the u-joint at the transmission uses 4 internal clips, or in other words 4 of those clips that sit on top of the bearing cap and have a pinch point in the center of the clip for removal and replacement.

    Does the u-joint at the differential have 2 internal clips (top of cap clip) and 2 external clips ( clips that look like a "c" and sit below the bearing cap?

    I'm fairly certain the truck has a steel yoke versus an aluminum one, in case that matters.

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  2. RMortimer

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    You should be looking at a Spicer 1330 series drive shaft. That would be a Spicer 5-213X universal joint kit or equivalent. If you can inspect the shaft at the differential you should be able to tell if the joint has snap rings seating the joint into the end yoke, if so that kit would be a Spicer 5-212X Conversion kit, which converts 1330 series on the drive shaft to 3R series at the end yoke of the differential. Without seeing it I would be hesitant to say for sure. You could always pick up two 5-213X and one 5-212X and return the one you don't use to be safe.

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