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Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by USN-MA2, May 16, 2008.

  1. USN-MA2

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    Ok guys, I have a 08 CC Sierra 1500 4wd Vmax. I have a guy that wants to trade me his stock GMC 20's for my 17's. I want to go with a 33" tire and need to see which size. I am most likely going with Nitto Terra Grappler's. I need to know what width? Also, I have seen people running these with just the 2" leveling kit on and was wondering about that? I have also been looking at the Rough Country 3" lift, but have only seen one review and it was super negative on the same truck I have...
  2. USN-MA2

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    Well answered my question lol...If you go with the 2" leveling kit you run 33x11 tires.....if you go with the 3" suspension lift kit, you can go with 33x12.50 tire....So now I need to see some trucks with those size tires to decide what I want to do...Also, still need someone with the 3" on an 08 to give their feedback...
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    lookat previous threads about tire size there are a bunch in teh suspension section and i think there are some pictures in there :great:
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    I just ordered a set of 295/70r17 same as 33x12.5r17 nitto terra grapplers from discount tire for $187 a tire and was $673 out the door. if you order on line you get 10% off and free shipping if you get tire protection plan add another $100 to price but you get 30 days to get it so if you are like me i just ordered the tires now and with in the 30 days i plan on getting that. 305/70r17 is also around the 33 inch size. ive got my truck leveled so these tires will fit perfect. when i get installed on truck will take pics of it. but save your self some cash and go to discount tires web site they have the best prices believe me ive checked every site and they have the best deal. also you dont need a 3 inch suspension lift. my truck is a 05 chevy avalanche and ive got the ready lift leveling kit on it and 33s will work. i also went with the bilstien 5100 shocks all around and put a 3/4 inch spacer in rear. hope this gives you a little better idea as what you can do.
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    This is definitely a common reoccurring question
    A 2" lift with 33's id the perfect fit and looks MEAN!
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    I have lt285/16's on mine with no lift it is a 32 inch tire. Thge leveling kit should give you clearance to run 285, 295 or 305 because with the larger wheel size the side wall mes comes down. I have also looked at the lift you mentioned. I have heard some good things about it but I have decided not to lift mine other than the leveling kit.

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