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    Hey all, I just bought a 1998 Suburban LT 1500 4wd with 76k miles on it. I would like to put tires that are a little nicerer looking than the stock tires as far as a little wider,taller and meater tread without messing up the speedo. I was wondering what everyone else did and any pics of the tires would be great. Thanks in advance for any help and advice.
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    Can't do it. If you go taller (overall diameter), you will change the speedo. On these, it's a simple reprogramming to correct the speedo when you go taller, but you have to decide. Do you want taller? Or do you want to leave the speedo calibration unchanged? Or are you trying to change the rim diameter without changing the overall tire diameter?

    From what I understand, it isn't a big deal to recalibrate for a different tire size. A dealer or properly equipped shop should be able to do it (for a fee). I even think you can do it yourself with a proper programmer. Though if you are not going to use the other features of the programmer, it would probably be cheaper to pay someone.

    What size are you currently running: the standard 245/75R16 or the optional 265/75R16, or something else? What driving conditions and such do you need to consider? You question is posed as a fashion question, but we don't want to neglect functionality.

    I have a set of 265/75R16 street tires and a set of 32x11.50R15 MTs for my '98. I'm not sure if it's the extra inch wide, or the extra inch of tire vs rim, or if it's the MT tread, but I really like the look of the 15's on my Sub. Of course, that's opposite what most people want these days: more rim and less tire.
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    Hey Jim, welcome to the site!

    Here's what I did to my 99 Suburban. Dick Cepek 285/75/16. No rubbing but had to recalibrate the speedo, it was about 4 mph off.


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