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    Well, here is my 88 2WD. Currently has 183K miles (stock engine, tranny 5.7 V8) and here is what happened in the last few weeks.
    - was thinking about replacing upper/lower front ball joints and front wheel bearings.
    - was in the process of getting new tires. (currently running 275/60/15. I got a set of used alloy I planned to put used 235/75/15 stock size)
    - two days ago, my tranny showing problem. Has trouble get into gear in cold, rev high and kick into gear (rabbit jump/chock/whatever you call it). Once warm up, you don't feel the BIG jump but still can tell the delay. (That issue has been on for a while and now just more serious)

    I think the tranny is 7000R4 and I assumed it's going to cost me probably $1000-$1500? I really don't know. Should I keep it or fix it? Over the summer, I have been spending time/$ to get things going (you can see from the link above).

    By the way, radiator leaks again (stop leak didn't work) and sound like need a new radiator also.
  2. Conlan Rose

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    You should be able to find a shop that can inspect your transmission to see if it is repairable. Also have them run a full flush if they offer it it will help get the transmission back to hopefully better condition. Also radiators usually aren't to bad at a store or you can get one from a junk yard. Tires and the ball joint are just normal wear and tear.

    Btw how much have you spent on the truck because the determines if its worth selling.
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  3. moogvo

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    It looks like the vehicle is in great shape and it hasn't needed a lot in the way of repairs for a vehicle that is 24 years old. Most of what I read in the other thread is cosmetic stuff you did.

    So you need to ask yourself this - what could you possibly buy for the cost of the transmission repair, and what would that vehicle need?

    I was a bit concerned to see you buying batteries from a salvage yard but was relieved when I read on that you were buying parts from Napa.

    Stop leak is not intended to be a permanent repair. I would suggest replacing the radiator, hoses and flushing the cooling system out thoroughly. Otherwise the stop leak will start blocking coolant passages, stopping up the heater core and radiator and gucking up the water pump and passages through the block. Once that happens, the engine will be junk.

    Stop leak is the absolute worst thing you can ever put into the radiator or AC system.
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  4. MCrewsZ71

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    I agree about the stop leak!!!! I think you should have it fixed, shop around with some transmission shops and just make sure they replace EVERYTHING if they rebuild it. I had a shop "rebuild" a 700R4 I had in my 95 and they only replaced some of the components. You might get lucky and only need a torque converter. Have you checked the fluid levels?
  5. oldmanstruck

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    Yes, most of the stuff I did so far are mainly minor, cosmetic items. The things that related to the drive are the distrubtor (by dealer) and the pitman arm.
    I should able to do the radiator myself. I will probably flush out the system tonight. Tomorrow, I will take it for an tranny inspection and see what they have to say.

    For the tranny, sounds like I can:
    A - find an used one and put it in (who knows what's going to happen)
    B - have it rebuild (not sure the $ and what will happen after they take it apart)
    C - get a recondition tranny and put it on (by someone)

    Crap! Hate to deal with that kind of big ticket issue :(

    - - - Updated - - -

    I got it from my in law a couple years ago. I spent about 1K last year on pitman arm, distrubtor and other small items.
    This year, about $1K on minor and cosmetic stuffs, like headliner, stereo, windows....(mostly non drivetran items)
    However, I did a few trips with my family this year and I feel like I get my "fun" factor back.

    I am toward fixing then selling (really not worth much I think) Just want to know should do a rebuild or just put a recondition tranny.
  6. SurrealOne

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    Why put the work in to fix it if you don't plan to keep it?

    If it were me I'd fix it and keep it, as you know what it needs, what it doesn't, and probably can't buy something as nice for as little money as it'd cost to fix...

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