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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by 09sliverado, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. 09sliverado

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    5.3L, 6spd auto 3.42 gears, towing a 20ft trailer with duel axles, brakes on both, and a 4400lb jeep. im getting the brake controller on Fri. im used to my titan and towing in 5 or 4th most of the time, not sure on my 09 silverado
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    I cant tell you exactly but I would be easy if this is its first big load, maybe leave it in 5th until you know how it acts. Your owners manual will have some tips as well. With 3.42 gears it may not be enough gear and the tranny may hunt alot:neutral:
  3. 09sliverado

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    i kinda figured 6th gear would be useless. I'll start in 5th and Ill make sure i use the tow mode button.
  4. tigersdl65

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    See now this is when you just go buy a 3500 diesel, mine is a 2007 6spd stick and I love it, although it is a dodge, but at least its not a ford, I put a flat bed on it and I can haul my 1500 chevy with it if i have too, but mostly pull a tractor, round hay bales, and cows. But if you get to a mud hole forget it, those stock tires dont help with that big engine, but it is 4wd.
  5. 09sliverado

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    i dont think a 3500 is what i need for a daily driver with towing once every few months
  6. 09sliverado

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    i went to pick up my trailer today, i still need to load jeep on there which will give the truck the real test, but at 2300lbs for just the trailer i thought i would go ahead and drive it around the highway, the truck seems to better with just the trailer and tow mode OFF, im getting the trailer brake contoller on later today so i had to rely on the trucks brakes which were just fine. i did notice when i got home that there was a buring smell, kinda like when i drove the truck for the very first time. other than that here is a pic with my trailer and truck. i will post back later when i drive with the jeep on there which total weight will be around the 7000lb mark

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    I see your truck is a 09',how many miles do you have on it?
  8. 09sliverado

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    i have 503 miles on it. by the time i load the jeep up Ill have around 550. i read about the 500 mile break in period
  9. RaiderNick

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    I'm interested in what you find towing with your '09. I have the same setup and have been looking at a new travel trailer, but not sure what weight is best. I know the tow limits are 7000lbs, but I don't want to tax it so much that it has trouble going up the canyons or overheats. Mine came with the factor brake controlle, so that's a nice add-on if you know you are going to pull things once in a while.
  10. 2COR517

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    Brilliant statement.............

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