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  1. GoFastSam

    GoFastSam New Member

    Looking at a 94 Suburban K1500 with 154,139 miles. With that many miles, what are the things on the truck that need to be checked out by a mechanic? Other than that concern, the truck is everything I need. Double doors in the back, red velour interior, 4wd, set up for towing.....and something I have the $ to afford.


  2. TimTom64b

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    Are you taking it to a mechanic to check it out? Then compression check, look closely around the intake for any manifold for coolent leaks, oil leaks, power stearing system for leaks, look at the plugs, remove the oil filler cap and look inside of the valve covers, ball joints, u joints, etc. Allot can also be told by the color and texture of the fluids in the transfer case, transmission, engine, radiator, etc. Pointing to problems or lack of proper maintenance.
  3. GoFastSam

    GoFastSam New Member

    Thanks! Yes, if I decide to go look at it, I will have it looked at by a mechanic and mention what you told me.
    What are the problem areas (if any) for a 94? Any issues?
  4. TimTom64b

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    Most of the things I mentioned any decent mechanic should know enough to check. I am not certain which engine is in the 94... But I do know the gen I engines had issues with failing intake gaskets. We had to replace them on my sons 97 at around 110k and research showed it was a common problem.
  5. GoFastSam

    GoFastSam New Member

    Thanks! Appreciate the input.

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