What Towing Modifications Do You Have?

Discussion in 'Towing & Trailer Tech' started by ChevyFan, Apr 3, 2012.

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    Now that the busiest time of the year is on us for towing - camping trailers, boats, utility trailers, etc. Let's get some feedback on what you have done to setup your rig for towing. Could be anything from a nice chrome ball on your bumper all the way up to a fifth-wheel receiver, heavy HD springs, towing air-bag (like our sponsor Total Load Control offers), or whatever.

    What Modification Have You Made For Towing?

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    99'HEARTBEAT MODERATOR Staff Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts Platinum Contributor

    To help with Towing my Boat, I've done the Following Modifications,
    ......Larger Aftermarket Transmission Cooler.....a True Cool 40K Cooler
    ......Aftermarket Aluminum Finned Deep Transmission from Mag-Hytec
    ......Rear Air Bags from Air lift, also On-Board Compressor and the Cab the Controls-n-Gauge
    ......A Rear View Camera, a Great Feature
    ......Aftermarket Deep Rear Diff. Cover, from Mag-Hytec and running Royal Purple 75/90 Gear Lube
    ......Next week or two, I'm having a Transgo Shift installed

    Of these Mods, the 2 that have been Without Question, the Best Mods, I've Done to help with Towing, are the.......Larger Aftermarket Trans. Cooler and the Rear Air Bags.


  3. csltrains96

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    The only things I needed to do to my truck was get a decent (not expensive, just decent) trailer brake controller installed, have the 7 pin trailer plug installed on the rear bumper, and get a weight distributing hitch to help with the weight of our travel trailer.
  4. rileyjr16

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    Programmed to run 92 octane and going to change shift points to get max hp out of every gear and for I'm hoping for at least some MPG back. Tires a little over-inflated to get some back and maybe coming soon could be a back up camera so I can stop dinging up my license plate and bumper :grrrrrr:. There could be some larger cooling equipment and fans to accompany them as well.

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