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    First Post, be gentle...Just bought a 2000 Chevy 2500. That's why I joined this forum. Nice Texas truck. Ordered an accessory catalog from LMC. Truck has the 5.7 and 4 speed automatic. Book doesn't show anything for a 5.7 engine for the 2000 model year. Brother-in law, a long time Chevy owner says this is a "Classic" model. The way he explained it was it was built with the older options. Parts would have to come from something between the late '80s to late '90s. WTH, If I want to change a U-Joint, what do I ask for??? Hope this doesn't involve having to take each part off and hauling it in when it's replacement time to match up with what the parts store has in stock. My maintenance time of day doesn't always match up with the local part store's hours of business. This is the first truck I've had in a long while and I'm beginning to remember why! 1st tank of gas, 14.7 mpg, 15.4 on the second, back to 14.7 on the third. My '86 F-150, 300 CI, manual tranny 4wd, no overdrive, and I think, 3.53 gears got better mileage when the hubs were unlocked. On a happy note, I've searched every nook and cranny on it and can NOT find a speck of rust other than scratches, minor, in the paint! Flick the rocker panels and cab corners with your finger and your finger hurts. This baby might need parted out!!! I can get a VW Jetta that has nearly 3 times the gas/diesel milage and just hire the buyer of this to haul stuff for me the few times needed! NSG

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    Welcome to the Site, from what you've mentioned, but also not be able to see some pictures of your Truck, I'm going to say, Your Truck being a 2000" 2500 with the 5.7 Liter......it would be a OBS...Old Body Style GMT-400 Platform/Model and is your Truck a 2WD or 4WD??....

    ....Here's some Information Regarding what Model and/or Platform your Truck,

    ....The GMT-400 and Similar GMT 480 is the Platform for the 1988-1999 Full-Size Pickup Truck Platform. However, the C/K 2500 and 3500 Series Pickup Trucks are Designated GMT400 Through the Model Year 2000.

    Go to this Link, and Enter your Trucks Vin# Number, and it will show you what your Truck came with from the Factory when it was New.

    This Link has more Information on your Truck,


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    x2 on what [MENTION=25593]99'HEARTBEAT[/MENTION] said, it is considered a classic. I will add that Any parts for a 1998-1999 should fit it. But, as far as ujoints. Pull them out and take them with you. On my 1995 I had to go back to the store multiple times because they kept giving me the wrong ones. That was until I took the old joints in. Other than that you should be able to specify at the parts store that it is a classic and they should give you the correct part. If all else fails just look up parts for a 1998. As far as your fuel mileage compared to the f-150 goes, you are driving a lot heavier truck now. Maybe it needs a tune up. plugs, wires, cap, rotor, fuel and air filter.
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    Thanks for the info. BTW, truck is 2 wheel drive.
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    Well, the time has finally come where I needed to replace a part. While lying under the truck a few days ago, ( I do this often account I STILL can't believe how clean it is), I noticed a few drips of tranny juice at the tail housing seal area. Went to AdvanceAuto and asked for the seal and it was not in stock. I explained that this was a 2000 but built on the "old" body style. The girl at the counter said that as long as she put in the request for the seal before 8pm it would be at the store the next day by 7:30am. I went back the next morning and sure as Hell they had the part. Got home and started the dis-assembly process as described in the HAYNES MANUAL. Dis-connect rear U-joint, dis-connect carrier bearing, then slide the yoke off the tranny tail shaft. WRONG! Seems my front drive shaft yoke is bolted to the tail shaft so there is ONE more thing to mark to be sure it all goes back in the proper (balanced) order. Anyhow, the seal was WAY to big. Probably a 32nd of an inch larger than the yoke that slides onto the tail shaft. I could really feel the slop in the movement. I took the seal back along with the yoke and the guy at the counter went into the back and came out about 1 minute later with the correct seal! Hope I don't have to dis-assemble everything that might need changed beforehand when it comes time change out the next part!!!! BTW, the original part that wouldn't fit was about $10, the correct one was $6....made by "National"... nsg
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    You might want to think about a engine program to help with the fuel mileage!
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    With the OBS truck parts are plentiful, but you need to know exactly what you need/want some times. In your 2500 you have a 4L80e transmission which is RPO code MT1. Also be adamant about the 2WD because some employees at parts stores assume all truck owners have a 4x4 and just click it by default. Usually when I go to Autozone or any parts shop I look for the guys who I know has been working there a while and who know their s**t. I had a guy yesterday who didn't know his s**t and it ended up with me wasting $20 on the wrong size fuel line repair kit and having to go back and buy the right one.

    Also be very specific that it is a 2000 C2500 because technically its not a Silverado or do as Pikey said and tell them is a 98 C2500.
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    When you go for parts tell them its a GMT400 C2500 otherwise they will pick parts for a GMT 800 #1500.
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    Thanks for this info...nsg
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    I have a co worker that just sold his 2001 2500 4 door. He would as for parts for a 98 2500 , and C=2wheel drive and K=4 wheel drive

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