What tunes should I use? Need to turn off AFM

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by slimcubby, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. f5fstop

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    I've read posts by many that turning AFM off does not affect mileage that much.

    Like your truck...
  2. stchman

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    Thanks, it looks like yours has the factory sunroof. I wish mine would have come with it. I am thinking of getting one put in. A shop wants $1200 out the door for the job. What color is your interior, mine is the light/dark cashmere. Your appears to be an LTZ as well.

    If your truck does not have nav, I put the Advent OGM1 nav unit in and it is pretty nice.

    As far as the AFM, this is the 2nd Silverado I've owned with AFM. My 2008 had zero issues with AFM (73K miles), and my 2013 only has 6200 miles but I checked the oil level before changing and it was on the full mark.
  3. bazar01

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    I have a 2011. I do not have oil consumption issues as well. I change my oil at 30% oil life remaining.

    My only worry is the low 40 psi oil pressure at cruising compared to the 60 psi on the non-AFM 5.3L engines.
  4. f5fstop

    f5fstop Former Member

    Same interior, I believe all the White Diamond editions came with the light/dark cashmere. I also have the factory Nav unit.
    My biggest problem with AFM is it kicks in at speeds too low. If it only kicked in at hwy speeds, I would not have a problem, but around town it drives me nuts.
  5. stchman

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    The White Diamond Silverados can have black or light/dark titanium as well, just that most dealers order them with cashmere interiors as the color combination looks the best IMO.

    Your Silverado I gather is fully loaded with factory nav and sunroof.

    I would like to play with the factory nav and see how different it is compared to the Advent unit.

    Try putting your transmission into manual mode and select 5th gear. I've read M5 turns off AFM. See if this works for you and then shift into D when you are on the highway. Remember, if you disable AFM, it will be disabled all the time.
  6. f5fstop

    f5fstop Former Member

    Didn't know about the interior. As for AFM, I am aware if I disable it, it will be off at all times; unless I pull the box out of the DLC (if I get the Range unit). As for M5, yes, it turns off AFM. As for hwy, on the interstate here in UT it does not remain in AFM mode that much due to the hills. I do not believe turning it off will affect fuel mileage that much in this area. If I lived in flat states, I could see it having a greater affect on fuel mileage.

    Factor Nav is ok, like the interface with Onstar and like the USB port for MP3 files. However, I have used Pioneer units in my H3s. Had a AVIC Z1 in my 06 for two years, and then transferred it over to my 08 in 2008, and late last year pulled it and replaced it with a Pioneer 940. The screens and interface are more friendly, and like the direct plug into the front of the unit for a micro sd card.
  7. stchman

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    Then it appears that your problem of AFM kicking in around town is solved. Just use M5. A tuner will cost you ~$300 (what I paid for my Hypertech).

    My 2013 had the stock radio (big center knob) and quite frankly the audio quality sucked. I used to think it was a Bose problem. When I put the Advent unit in it sounded SO MUCH better over the stock one. The Advent has an equalizer. Does the factory nav unit have an equalizer?
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    [MENTION=59753]f5fstop[/MENTION] , I tried a search and couldn't find anything, can you provide more info?
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  10. RayVoy

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    Thanks, that was an interesting thread.

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