What tunes should I use? Need to turn off AFM

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by slimcubby, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. Kapelusprime

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    I've held back on the intune tuner myself for the same reason, I was a Ford dealer tech and I know we could see a lot more than people thought we could. I was told by diablo reps they leave no water marks but, I know GM better than that and figured the data logs were deeper than tune guidlines. Your post proves it; Any links to the range module you sited? I see your link above, but on the link you post the only thing I can see that module doing is increasing the use of AFM. I want to shut it off, my dealer said they could not when I asked.
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    I've never had an issue with getting warranty work done on my truck and I leave my tune on. But as I've said before we have a great relationship with our dealership
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    This thread is about the AFM shut off capabilities of the Range module.

    The techs will not check for a tune or check the log files unless GM requests it and GM will only request it for major engine work such as replacement, rebuild, etc. I cannot see them questioning the tune of a water pump goes out, or a throttle body requires replacement, etc. only because it would be hard to document how a tune could cause those types of failures.
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    Bose thinks they make speakers, Ever since I heard bose car audio speakers, they were one of the first things to get replaced in the vehicle.
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    My Bose speakers sound awesome! You guys with low oil pressure readings, have a look at the oil sending unit, and the screen in the manifold. My sending unit was bad, and the screen clogged. I replaced those and my truck runs like a champ. Back on topic, the Diablosport Intune has the capablilty of turning off DOD. I leave mine on. This little handheld is truly a nice product.
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    I tried manual shift mode on my 2011 and it still went into 4cyl AFM mode, I also tried tow/haul hoping that would lock it out but no luck.
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    Try it again. Put it in manual 5 and the AFM should not go on. This is the first I have heard where a truck is not operating properly in manual mode.
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    M5 the AFM should not turn on, M6 it will.

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    Tried it again on my way home from work and it still kicked into afm while I was in M5 off to the dealer we go on Monday morning.

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