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  1. wis bang

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    My new to me 2005 Silverado has 17" steel wheels w/ a chrome face. Now I'm not looking for anything different except I'd like to get my hands around the neck of the engineer who designed these wheels.

    The chrome covered center runs down over the bead edge and looks, at first glance, like an all chrome wheel. The steel center meets the rim leaving a 1.5" wide channel behind the center b/4 the rim arches up and over to the inside bead edge.

    This channel holds water/snow/mud and was rusted badly. The larger cut out that allows access to the valve stem still leaves a good 1/4" to hold water. Seeing how the steel center joins the rim they couldn't make a few drainage holes.

    I just spent around 10 hours cleaning up and painting two of the wheels, I bought a 'Mix Pack' of POR15 and top coat [3] 4oz cans of each @ $49.95, along w/ a quart of their recomended cleaner and surface prep. So far I'm happy with the outcome and after reading alot of good things about the POR15, I expect it to solve the rust problem BUT I feel it shouldn't be an issue.

    Actually I don't want to choke the engineer, rather his cost accountant boss!

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  2. Shorty 71

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    Post up some pics:)
  3. wis bang

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    Here are some, You can see the rust where the water collects, there is one showing one cleaned VRS one still rusty and one closeup showing glossy the POR15 drying. Later it felt rock hard like an epoxy coating. It needs a top coat as UV will make it look funny unless top coated.

    I got the 'chassis' black top coat a satin finish instead of gloss figuring the steel part of the wheel will disapear when viewed from the chrome side but I didn't grab a picture.

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  4. murdog94

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    THanks for the info, since i now have these rims on my 2500, and was wondering how to deal with this....
  5. wis bang

    wis bang Rockstar 100 Posts

    The 4oz. cans in the Mix Pack each are supposed to cover 12 sq. feet. I used one can of POR15 and one can of Chassis Black to apply two coats of each product to these two rims. I bought a quart of the 'Marine Clean' cleaner degreaser and a quart of the 'Metal Ready' prep that etches the clean metal b/4 coating w/ the POR15. I used cheap 1" paint brushes from Home Cheapo w/ blue tape and nytrile golves.

    The cost was $77.50 b/4 shipping and sales tax. It was shipped within 24 hours and came w/ good instructions and a catalogue of their products. They make engine paint. Manifold paint. a DIY 'Line X' product Caliper paint kits & garage floor coatings too. All of the stuff is somewhat pricy though the Bed Liner kit includes the spray gun for around $160.00...

    I think the odd can will go on the top of my Alum Diamond Plate tool box...kill that reflection in the back window....
  6. murdog94

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    Thanks. Im not to sure when i will get mine done Probably next summer since that is when i am planning on rust repair and paint.. Right now i just think that the rims are a huge improvement over the stock steel wheels..
    And the tool box work is a great idea..

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