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  1. klgj0102

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    Ok I have seen the threads for offset and back spacing but for some rewason I just cannot understand how this stuff works!!!:grrrrrr:
    Can someone tell me what kind of offset i need on aftermarket wheels to run 33 12.50 18 on a 2010 silverado z71 with a 2 1/2" leveling kit?
    Please help and thanks in advance!
  2. stephan

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    If you can't get a reply from someone who has actually done this on a vehicle exactly like yours, then make a mock up of a tire from cardboard, (including the profile/cross section/aspect ratio) & try it. I had to do this on my '88 cuz nobody has old junker '88 body frame like I drive anymore ha ha.. I found out exact backspacing I needed but I already had the wheels given to me that I wanted to use so.....
    I found out that mine would rub on the inside rear of the tire on the frame on tight turns. I knew this would cut my turning radius down a little but am willing to live with it. 33's & 35s' cleared mine everywhere else, they just rubbed on the frame, but yours is going to be a lot different.
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  3. ridick_bowen

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    Just run a zero offset and you'll be fine.
  4. stephan

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    Zero offset just means the mounting point/center is in the middle of the wheel (f to b) & his backspacing will be 1/2 of his wheel width. How is that going to work for what he's trying to figure out?
  5. ntbush83

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    Ok it kind of depends on which wheel you select because all wheels are made differently. The best idea is to order through a place like 4Wheelparts who can order the wheels and tires specifically for your setup. For yours I would recommend about a -12 to -25 offset and a 4.5 to 5.5 back spacing. Check out this website as well. Its where I got my information. http://www.rimsntires.com/packages.jsp?carMake=Chevrolet&carModel=Silverado+1500&carYear=2010&selectedTireOption=245/75-16&selectedTrimOption=&req=find&startfrom=1&rimBrand=&finish=&sized=18&sizew=0.0&tireBrand=&sortTiresBy=tallest&priceMax=1000000

    99'HEARTBEAT MODERATOR Staff Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts Platinum Contributor

    We would need to know the Width of the Aftermarket 18in"Rims??....To really be able to help with Advice......without it were guessing??

    The Chevy Factory Alloy 18/8 Rims have a......+31 Offset and a 5.75 Backspace.

    With the tire size you have mentioned......its going to be a Tight Fit.. with the 2-1/2 leveling kit you have.
    [​IMG] Measuring Wheel Offset

    To Calculate Offset you'll need the following measurements:
    .....Wheel Backspace
    .....Wheel Width Wheel Center line
    Wheel Center-line from Wheel Backspace to get Offset.
    ......If backspace is less than the Wheel Center-line the offset is Negative
    ......If backspace is greater than the wheel Center-line the Offset is Positive

    Using the Chart Below if you know the Width of your Rim and the Backspace follow the 2 and then you will know your Offset.


    The below link will help.......by entering the Tire size & Rim size you have now and the one you are looking at installing.......it will show you......Backspace/Offset....it will also tell you the Difference in the 2 Tire and rim setups and if you have room for the new setup to fit.

    Link....Tire Fitment,

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  7. ntbush83

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    Hahah its all good! I love that chart man. Thats the key right there!
  8. klgj0102

    klgj0102 New Member

    The aftermarket wheels are 8.5 and 9" wide.
    Will these tires clear on factory wheels?

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