What wiper blades do you recommend and does rain x ruin wiper blades?

Discussion in 'Maintenance & Upkeep' started by PantheraUncia, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. Sierraowner5.3

    Sierraowner5.3 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    X3 on bosch blades, had them on my 03, and the 05. probably be putting them on the 11 when they wear out.

  2. PantheraUncia

    PantheraUncia Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts


    Thanks everyone, it seams like as far as blades go, everyone likes the bosches and everyone has had good luck with rain x. I still think the rain x messes with the rubber in the blades over time.

    I won't put any rain x washer fluid in my truck though, I am not convinced that the polymers will bond with the plastic in the motor and lines over time causing pre-mature failure of the system.
  3. the phantom

    the phantom Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    I purchased rain-x wipers about 2 years ago at $22 a wiper. About 14 months later (I forgot what brand I had bought) I went into autozone because I needed wipers again for the same vehicle and told the guys behind the counter I only got a little over a year out of the "expensive" wipers they sell. They told me "wow thats good, usually wipers only last about 9 months" I was like What!?? well which ones are your good wipers? Well forgetting which ones I had bought I purchased rain-x ones again. I have about 10 months on this set now so I guess times up for another set soon.. Im gonna try the bosch wipers after reading this thread.. But will clean with alcohol to see if I can get some more life out of them. Maybe givem a shot of everclear:sign0020: Good topic/thread
  4. Conlan Rose

    Conlan Rose Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    The Rain-x washer fluid is just like normal wiper fluid same consistency. And now after seeing this I may try out the Bosch ones. BTW Bosch Icon are only 20.00 at Autozone just checked. The Rain-X Latitude are the same price.
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  5. BRB46

    BRB46 Rockstar 100 Posts

    X2 on rubbing alcohol. I use the prep wipes available at local pharmacy or HBA isle. My Dad has never bought aftermarket blades and always wipes them with alcohol when he washes the car. I have had good results with the Bosch blades too.
  6. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan The Sheriff Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Just don't go cheap, that's what always gets me. They will work just as good at the more expensive units but they break down about 4x faster, so you're going to have to change them 4x as often to be as clear as if you just spent the money in the first place. Plus, I'm not sure, but I swear that the cheapies leave a residue on the glass that's hard to get off.
  7. PantheraUncia

    PantheraUncia Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    LOL, I am sure everclear would work, but there are better uses for it than cleaning wiper blades :)
  8. 4x4squared

    4x4squared Rockstar 100 Posts

    i used rain x blades on my truck for the longest time and just recently i put on some duralast (autozone) flex blades.... ill be going back to rain x lol. and as for the treatment, i use armor all glass cleaner then use the rain x treatment and my blades last, usually, until winter tears em up.
  9. jeff618

    jeff618 Member

    I've been using trico neoform beam blades since 2009 on all of my vehicles. Smooth. Quiet. Upgraded attachment (more secure yet still easy install). Wipers123 usually ships the same day and I usually get them the next day or so.
  10. Shakeablegoose

    Shakeablegoose New Member

    I use the "Trico" at Advance Auto and they are amazing, I think they are the best on the market and i even got $10 off on a special they were running.

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