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    BALTHIS Rockstar

    ok guys u think this ortta sound ok. 2 12 kicker solo classic 2ohms, kicker zx1000.1, kicker door speakers all the way around, pioneer indash dvd. atrend sealed under the seat box ina 2011 crew cab 1500.
  2. suzukiracer

    suzukiracer Rockstar

    I wouldn't do kicker speakers I would do infinity or JL audio the sound quality is so much better if you hook them up to an amp but without an amp the quality is still good

    BALTHIS Rockstar

    im just puttin the subs on the amp. i got pioneer kevlar door speakers and kicker cvx 12s in my other truck with a 3000 class d amp. my cuz owns a stero shop that stocks kicker, fosgate, pioneer and orion
  4. ippielb

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    I have kicker speakers in my front doors on my 2002 silverado, and i was greatly impressed with sound quality, my brother has the same speakers in his car and that thing sounds great. I think kicker would be a great choice.

    And to power all that, i would be sure to get a red top battery and possibly a bigger alternator with a capacitor so that you don't have light dimming whenever you are turning the volume up!
  5. suzukiracer

    suzukiracer Rockstar

    What size amp are you running on your highs?
  6. sstoner911

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    Kicker subs are VERY GOOD( I use to have L7s)...JL Audio(which I have now).

    Kicker subs hit HARD especially the squared series...if your looking for loud and big boom kicker is the way to go. JL Audio are also loud and hit hard but they are alot cleaner than the Kicker stuff. so with JL what your sacrifice in loud and boomy you make up for in clarity. Kicker has its place just depends on what your looking for.

    I have 2 12"W3V3 in a 7th order Blow through box....With half the volume and power I can shame guys with Kicker subs to turning down their systems..not because the JL's are that much better..................

    Its the Enclosure! The Sub Box is everything..a good enclosure can make the worst sub sound awesome!

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    Capacitors are a WASTE of money. Dimming lights can be fixed 99% of the time by upgrading your BIG 3

  7. zigger215

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    Hmmm interesting thread. I feel the need to mention what no one has mentioned yet...price. Although the w3 is pretty competitive in price as most kicker subs, JL is typically a more expensive company. The reason is simple, they are still made by hand in America....the quality is better in more top end subs, w6, w7 and the acoustic reproduction is more accurate as a result. Kicker is a great company for the price range and customer base they target, they are similar to rockerford fosgate and kenwood. I have owned systems (when I say systems, refer to my build thread) from zapco, Orion, image dynamic, JL, Rockford and kicker (current setup)

    A system comes down to only a few things and product isn't one of them, complete setup (amps, batteries, alternator, cable upgrades and correct calcs. and sub enclosure). The enclosure should be designed for music selection, if you like rap and hip hop, ported is the way to go, if you want to make someone's jaw drop, bandpass w/port (only hits on a narrow frequency, hence the name bandpass) this box is generally terrible for sound quality, sealed offers the best "musical" solution but you will lose high decibels at lower frequencies (normally bellow 60hz).

    In short, kicker is fine, figure out what music you love and the box best suited for you.

    BALTHIS Rockstar

    im gettin the zx1000.1 just for the subs and i aint puttin nothin on the highs for now i dont need one in my other truck and ive got a class d mono ampat 1 ohm pushin 2 12inch cvx's adn it rock. but in the new truck im gona put a spare battery under the hood prob so my lights wont dim cause i can turn em off in my gray truck.

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