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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by 04bowtie, Nov 26, 2011.

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    Ok straight to the point.. I bought a new battery for my truck.. Now 2 months later.. Just out of the blue when I go to start the truck it's dead... I jumped it off and drove it... A week later it does it again.. Took the battery off had it tested and it was so far gone that they couldn't even get the machine to work on it.. I got a new battery from them and he told me I needed the alternator checked.. Pulled the alternator off checked it and it was good. So I hook it all up with the new battery and my voltage meter isn't working and the cluster lights and climate control lights stay on even with the key out.. I know they have a delay in them but they never turn off.. What's going on? I pulled the neg cable off the battery so the lights didn't run it down while the truck sits.. Idk what's up..
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    Did you remember to reconnect the voltage regulator on the alternator?
  3. 04bowtie

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    Yes I hooked everything back up.. GM has a recall on the 04 clusters so that maybe why the voltage meter isn't working now... I got the lights on the dash going off now.. Idk what I did but it worked ha ha.. Had a guy come out and look at it and the truck is pulling alot of power from the battery even with the key out... He went thru the fuses and noticed it was the radio pulling more than it should.. It's aftermarket so idk... I pulled the fuse for it so it didn't pull any power what so ever until I get it out of the truck to replace it! Ah money money money
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