What's Your Truck Payment ??? (Stay on topic please!)

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by Curky, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. stchman

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    I do live within my means and am happy to do so as well.
  2. Drake_korthos

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    Back to the first post!

    Bought new or used/miles?
    Year of truck?
    Anything down?
    Payment a month?

    1) Bought brand spankin new!
    2)Was a 2010 GMC Sierra Z71 4X4 Extended....well just look at the signature!
    3) Nothing down, but traded in my 2006 Silverado 4X4 Reg Cab (needed something with a larger passenger capacity). The Sierra's sticker price was about $37.5K, and we walked out the door financing $22K.
    4)Monthly payment is roughly $450/mo. Since leaving active duty as well, my income has been a lot more sporadic. I like the fact that when I can afford to put extra down on the truck, it'll bump the next due date. So if I hit a rough spot, I at least can forgive myself a payment or two. Thankfully that only happened once or twice.

    Aside from that, I live very comfortably within my means. Growing up with a financial adviser for a father has helped me more fiscally responsible. My wife and I both chip in to help with all household debts. The important thing for us is not to get too focused on the debt, will drive you nuts and will make you a hermit. It's important to let loose now again and LIVE. Everything in moderation...especially moderation!
  3. ChromeSilver02

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    Sorry Curky for being off-topic. It does seems I stirred up the wasp nest :lol: Sorry!
  4. dark star

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    Used 2009 4WD 4.3 regular cab.
    3 years old when bought with 60,000 KM
    Nothing down- $15000 out the door, pay $360 a month = 5 years

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  5. ChevyFan

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    Let's try to keep this ON TOPIC. There are other threads in here that can and are used to discuss making payments.

    My 2010 Traverse was bought used, I'm paying about $450/month as I put down some cash on it, but don't remember how much actually. I actually have enough assets to pay if off, but I'm got other uses for my month right now so it's the best situation for me to be in at this present moment.
  6. Sierraowner5.3

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    2011 GMC sierra crew bad 4x4
    bough certified used for almost 34k
    put 500 down, financed 63 months for 537/month. 3.54 % interest.

    could have done better if i had shopped rates a little more, but it was mostly done over the phone, and I wanted to get the truck here so we could sell my wifes car and drop to one vehicle. we spend less now then we did when we had the old truck and her car, and the new truck has a warrenty, safety rating are better and so on.

  7. donyms

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    Alright Curky, anything for you......

    I bought my Silverado LS used 1 owner from a "stealership" It had 70,000 miles on it.
    Year of truck? 2002
    Anything down? Paid cash - Asking $9,990.00 Got it for $8,000.00 out the door after starting to leave.
    Payment a month? No actual payment but I have to count my modding addiction and say 300.00 a month while I was still working on it but now it's just gas and regular maintenance. :great:
  8. AnimalYates

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    Asking price for my truck was $27980, worked an amazing deal and ended up financing a little over $22K with $1500 down. $22K for (at the time) a 3 year old truck, fully loaded, with 67k on the odo wasn't bad. Payments are at $409.93 a month. I knowingly got SCREWED on my interest rate, but being 21 years old I have a short credit history. I had to take, what to me, was a dream truck while I had the chance.

    I have since gained alot of positive numbers on my credit score and will be refinancing soon, bringing payments down to around $340. Which will increase my mod budget!
  9. repley81

    repley81 Member

    I personally think I got screwed but here goes. Just got it a few weeks ago.

    • Bought new or used/miles? Used w/ 76000 miles
    • Year of truck? 2008 GMC Sierra Denali
    • Anything down? Traded my 05 Tahoe for $10,000 and gave them $8,000 cash, so $18,000 down.
    • Payment a month? Paying $403 a month for the next 5 years, which basically means I bought a $40,000 used truck.
  10. nikkeshelton

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    You forgot being embarrassed as to how much we pay!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Smart! Buying new is something I did once and will not do again!

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    NICE looking truck!

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    Like your headlights, what brand are they & how much?

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