Wheel and tire treatment?

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by ChevyFan, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. ChevyFan

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    I hate cleaning my tires more than any other part of detailing. Anyone have any good tips and tricks for keeping them looking good?

    Anyone use any foaming tire cleaner product?
  2. DeputyDave

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  3. Rumpamuro

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    I personally was a tire foam shie guy, simply cus like you i hated doing it and it was simple, fast and easy, and the results were decent, but amour all came out with this gel its so easy and looks really good, it consists of a appplicator (curved sponge) and the gel that you put on the spnge, and wipe it on and thats it. and they shine like nething.
  4. Grynder

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    I'm a detailing fanatic. Cant stand to have a dirty vehicle.
    "No Touch tire care" is what I use. Spray on, leave for a few hours, lightly rinse off. Leaves tires clean but it doesnt give that wet, sticky or oily look. works good under the hood too if done right.
  5. Cableguy

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    Same here. I think I've tried them all now...:lol:
  6. Davandy

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    What's the name of that gel?
    I know Armor all has good products so I'm really interested.:rules:
  7. tbplus10

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    I use tire foam, usually the cheapest stuff on the shelf (cause they wash off at the first rain shower), but I also spray the wheel well with tire foam. The wheel wells come out clean and hose off much easyier when you get mud and road debris up there.
    I did have some Armor All that didnt wash off as easy as the others. It had metal flake in it so I dont use it any more. That might be why it was selling for $1.00 a can.
  8. Bonzai01

    Bonzai01 Member

    I like clean wheels but can't stand the new "shine" for the tires that these products leave...old show car trick, a little sugar in warm water leaves em clean and black...matte black, no shine...tires aren't supposed to shine like the paint (ok, maybe not MY paint.) LOL. Kerry
  9. Flatman

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    I like mine shiny. I wash them with a separate sponge with warm soapy water. After they dry, I apply the tire shine. I can't remember the brand right now, but will get back to you....
  10. I've been told i'm going to wash the paint off my vehicles, i am anal when it comes to keeping them clean. I have tried many different brands of wheel cleaner and they all seem to work about as well as the next product, The secret is i wax my wheels, it's a PITA, but it helps tremendously with brake dust. The ONLY tire treatment (Dressing) i will ever use is the Meguiars gel with applicator that smells like grape jelly. I put it on all 4 tires, then i roll the truck forward to get the rest of the tire. By the time the gel has started to set i go back and wipe it again so i won't get any "spin off" on the road onto my freshly waxed truck, it also helps to let it dry for at least an hour or so. Good luck

    Stay away from Armor All! Turns tires brown!!!!

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