Wheel fell off while driving.....

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    So i was leaving work and got to close to one of them damn rolled curbs. pulled back to the left n heard a snap. as i drove off it was a constant clack clack clack. stopped n checked it out and didnt see what it was. got worse driving home. so i was like well lets go faster. so i hit 55 tires are howlin like normal. starts banging. when hittin the brakes tire felt like she had enough. got to the stop sign on the end of my street. turned and snap. saw some sparks a few lug nuts in the mirror and the front tire locked up. so like any chevy truck owner i was like well it cant get much worse. i drug the truck home with the foot to the floor dragging my front tire buy one lug nut. got the new studs in today with new lug nuts nothing but my tire got damaged. massive flat spot in my 33. i was reassembling everything and noticed one of the steering joints that is over on the passenger side is loose. like slack. what is this part called. also the wheel fell off cause when i traded for this truck i wanted my 33s on it and let the guy do it. he didnt get em tight enough. trust me weve already had our words. what part is it that i need it looks like what is attached to the tierod i believe it is that transfers the steering motion from the right over to the passenger wheel. also i got it all back together and has a real bad hop lol. i put the flat spotted 33 back on for a few days till i get the new tire ordered n put on. what part is it and is there a way to tighten it or do i need a new tierod?

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