Wheel Finish peeling ~ 2010 Chevy Silverado Z71

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by Coach24, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. stchman

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    I assume this is your 2010 Silverado?

    If you are still under the 3/36K then yes. If past that, then no.

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    Then your dealer should fix the problem if you are still under the 3/36K warranty.

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    I call BS. The warranty is with the vehicle, not the owner. How was dealer #1 able to determine if it was indeed a harsh cleaner? I cannot believe dealer #2 would even say something SO STUPID.

    I assume your wheels on the 2500HD are the painted steel wheels? GM Customer Service actually said this to you?
  2. baker111

    baker111 New Member

    The wheels are polished aluminum and some kinda clear on them. The clear has bubbles in it if you open them up dust from the aluminum oxadizing comes out. The chrome coming off the door handles is so bad it'll cut you if you slide your hand on it. But where do you go next.
  3. Pikey

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    I agree! Some thing is fishy here! Are the door handles even OEM or are they cheap stick on that the first owner put on?
  4. baker111

    baker111 New Member

    My Silverado is a 2011. The door handles are OEM
  5. almo

    almo New Member

    I have a 2011 with cracks in the chrome clad plastic covers. My service manager has agreed to replace them, but I do not want the same wheels as they will do the same. Another stupid idea by gm! I just had my truck in for the latest revision (5th or 6th) and was disgusted with gm's pathetically engineered solution to the cabin noise problem! A couple 9 yr Olds with crayons could do better! (trying to stick pieces of closed-cell weatherstripping to a plastic-covered bitumen based noise dampening pad, proves incompetence.) I am so disgusted with gm that I will not buy another product and am currently shopping for a new vehicle for my wife. I am told the 2014 trucks have successfully solved this issue. Proof that GM is clearly focused on sales and not customer care.
    I believe that people spending this much money need to stand up to gm and hold them accountable. I have a great relationship with my service department and will miss them. GM-not whatsoever!

    Gm's cabin noise repair has plugged up the cabin vents so much that when the fan is running it is working exponentially harder than it should and is forcing air out the poor Window and door seals so badly that it whistles! Now this is the best they can do for a $50,000+ vehicle after 3years of their best problem solving.
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  6. j cat

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    I have 2000 oem silverado aluminum polished rims. these are OEM clear coated aluminum. what I did was spray these wheels and the bumpers and side body strips with silicone lube spray and wipe off excess. so far they still looking good.

    now on the inside of these wheels there is a coating on the aluminum that was turning to corrosion[white power fluff]. I washed the surface down with paint thinner to remove all oils after a good washing with dish soap to clean off the dirt. I even did a light sanding of the surface to get down to a solid shine surface . I then sprayed this interior inside surface of the rim with a dry antisieze spray coating designed to protect metal from salt corrosion which dries in about 2 min. that was 12 years ago. every 5 years or more when I get my tires replaced I do a very light touch up...look pretty good for a rust belt vehicle 13 yrs old.

    I do know of wheels from GM that had metal chrome peel. some GM wheels where so bad that they caused brake issues and all kinds of scraping sounds and this was on the expensive caddy vehicles.

    GM knows all this so that is why you get a 1 year on these issues....this should come with the 7 year 70,ooo mile corrosion warranty.

    I had some rust form under my driver door at the door skin seam. the GM dealership repaired it by just spraying over the rust as the vehicle had 30,000 miles on it ... so much for quality repairs from them . no work is or has any warranty for rust issues after they fix it ...this is why they do what they do .

    when I brought the vehicle back the next year the manager stated "you what this to last forever or what "!
  7. Coach24

    Coach24 Rockstar 3 Years 5000 Posts

    Sadly most dealers are not willing to spend the time with GM resolving customer complaints. especially thise that are major known items. My dealers Gm said he had same model and had no concerns . I asked if we could go for a highway ride in his truck to prove it. He agreed and 3 miles down the rode I had to raise my voice to be heard over the wind noise. He then finally agreed to re-visit my issue. They did a foam fill that , as other have said blocks off the air vents.
    I drove a 2014 and they have not fixed the wind noise issue.

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