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    I am new to the wheel buying world and I have a few questions. I have an 07 Chevy "New Style" Silverado and I want to upgrade my wheels from those ugly steel wheels with the caps to some 20s. I am most likely buying used.

    I know the bolt pattern is 6 on 5.5 for my truck, does this mean I can get any 6 on 5.5 and they will work? I see all this stuff like offset and hubcentric, what does that mean?

    Also, my truck has TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system), do I have to buy wheels that are already set up for this?

    Last one, is it fairly safe to buy wheels from say craigslist or another private seller?

    Any other things I should know?

    Thanks for any and all help.
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    Any 6 x 5.5 bolt pattern will fit.
    Hubcentric means the center bore of the wheel is used to center the wheel(as opposed to the studs). G.M uses 78.3 mm, I believe. If you don't get a hubcentric wheel you may experience vibration at highway speeds, especially with 20" and larger.
    You will need at least a 17" rim or larger to clear the calipers.
    Offset is the distance the mounting surface is from the center of the wheel. G.M. uses 31mm as the stock offset on their wheels, as offset gets smaller the more the wheel will stick out of the fender so keep this in mind when selecting wheel/tire combos.
    Not sure about the TPMS because I dont have it, but I think the TPMS valves will mount in most wheels. I'm sure someone else can confirm or correct me on this.
    As far as craiglist, I've never used it, but it's like anything else, BUYER BEWARE!!. I'd recommend E-bay, that's where I bought my wheels. There are lots of reputable wheel dealers on there.
    Good Luck with your search!
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