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  1. DSpivey

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    I know this is commonly asked but im just curious guys, how big is a 275/55/20 tire in inches? im trying to decide how big i need to go on my 20" rims. thanks
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  2. ippielb

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    275mm wide, 275 divided by 25 = 11 inches WIDE, and then 55% of 11 inches, 6.05 Sidewall height, and there' two sidewalls, the top, and the bottom, so there's 12.1 inches of rubber on top of the 20 inches of rim, so those tires are around 32.1" tall. Hope that helps!
  3. DSpivey

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    haha yea man it does.....i appreciate it. i think im gonna try to run a 305/55/20 with a 20x9 xd monster wheel. I just sold my rockstars b/c they were becoming too common around here and i wanted something a little bigger.
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  5. lsutoms

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    31.9" diameter
    10.82" width

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