Wheel Offset for 06 Silverado

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    Ughhh....I am getting super frustrated with trying to understand wheels! :confused: Does anyone know what the wheel offset is on a stock 06 silverado? I was looking at upgrading wheels and wanted to mak sure that the new wheels dont stick out past the wheel wells. The rims are 24x10 and come with either a +15 or +30 offset. Can anyone help me figure out if these wheels will end up up sticking out past the wheel wells or not?

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    The Offset on Chevy Alloy Rims,is +31,Is your Truck 2wd or 4wd?,Have you done any Suspension Mods,and What is the Backspacing on your New Rims? and last what Size Tires are you wanting to put on your New Rims?

    Here is a link that can help,
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    what kind of wheels are you gettin?
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    I was planning on getting the 'mag' model rim made by ICCE. Image attached.

    -My truck is 2wd, no suspension mods that I am aware of
    -No clue what the backspacing is on the wheels
    -I was planning on running 305/35/24 for tires

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    As far height goes that tire might be a little tall for a 2wd (32.4") and the width might be a problem, so long as you have the right wheel offset, I would recommend no less than 30mm. But on the downside, with a 10" rim it's going to stick out past the fender and will probably rub when you turn the wheel. Check out my gallery to give you an idea of fitment, I'm running 305/50/20 on 20x8.5 with 31mm offset. Also I wouldn't recommend 24" rims because it cuts down on the tires profile and will make the truck ride terrible, I wouldn't go any bigger than 22" but to each his own.
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