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    94 Chevy
    Suburban K2500 Tires: 245/75R16
    Wheels:16" 8 lug 6.5 bolt pattern 117.0 hub bore 7.5 width offset 10mm
    14 X 1.5 stud size.
    4" Suspension/3" Bodylift. Off road torsion keys.
    Add-A-Leaf. 2 over leafs each side. 4" quick disconnects. Fender Height 43 3/4 front and 44 1/4 rear. Removed front trim off of wheel well and cut back of wheel well. Bumper height 29 rear 29 front. Can anyone tell me if I got to a 17" wheel with a 37X14.50R17 tire what my wheel offset should be pos or negative.

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