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Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by unplugged, Aug 17, 2007.

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    Picked up a set of factory wheels with fresh tires from a late model Tahoe. Cheap! $400 with center caps and lug nuts. I'll take a before and after pic of the burb and post 'em here. Taking off some aftermarket wheels that have Goodyear 305LT 70R16's and going with a tamer 265 70R16 size. Not exited that the tires are Firestones, but they should last a few miles. I don't need to have the 305's on for daily driving since the work truck covers that main duty now. I hope to have them on tomorrow morning.
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    Cool, post some pics. I bought my first set of Firestones last year and put them on my wife's Durango. Went with the Destination A/T's. So far they have been a real good tire. Slightly aggressive looking and super quiet. Wear pattern has been pretty even (except for the sidewall from when she parks).
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    New wheels/tires look good. The 305's were much harder on the steering. The ride of the Firestone's is much better too. Lower by about 1.5" in the front and 1" in the rear. The pics are before & after. $400 well spent.:great:

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