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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by Nomad, Aug 8, 2009.

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    I want to get a set of w2w polished stainless(not chrome plated aluminum. powder coated mild steel, etc.) step bars for my 09 Silverado LT, extended cab, 6'5" bed, 4x4. I don't want the individual step style. I would like the round or oval "nerf" style steps. There seems to be some nice bars by raptor, putco and other companies. Does anyone have experience with the Boss Bars by putco? Why are they so much more expensive? Are they worth it? How about the raptor bars? Are they good quality? Are there any other brands anyone would recommend and why? All opinions/answers to any/all of these questions would be appreciated.
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    On my last truck I had a set of the Putco Boss bars in SS/ and they are by far the best bars that I have ever had. The reason they are so expensive is the diameter, 99.9% of step bars on the market are 3" tubing. The boss bars are a massive 4" tubing, trust me they have a lot nicer stepping surface than a smaller tube. Plus the best part is having a step for the bed, I feel that they are well worth the money.

    On my other Silverado I had Westin 3" step bars, and they started rusting after 2 winters and they were supposedly stainless steel. I will never buy anything other than Putco now, because my Boss bars are now 4 years old and they still look perfect. As a matter of fact I sold my truck but kept the step bars, and they are now on my new truck. They were on a crew cab and now there on an extended cab, the front mounts were the same we just made up another bracket for the back and now I got wheel wheel steps on my extended cab! :no:

    Here's a picture of my old truck with the boss bars!

  3. Nomad

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    Thanks for the reply I am leaning towards the putco bars I will post some pics once I decide

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