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Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by chevymanlobo, Apr 20, 2010.

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    I got a 2010 black z71 with the black front end, and i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what wheel and tires would look good on it. Everyone has told me to black it out but im not really into that. I was thinking about doing either 20 or 22 inch chrome kmc slides, but im not sure. Any suggestions....? thanks

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    Have you checked out discounttiredirect? they have a program on there site so you can see the rims they have on there truck before you buy them...good tool, i used it i got 20inch chrome rims
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    I just went through the process of finding "the right" wheels for my truck. Here are some of the key factors that helped me to make my decision:
    • Most important....DON"T rely on internet pictures when choosing a wheel. Whatever it takes, find a local wheel shop and see if you can find the wheel and see it "in-person"!! I almost ordered a set of wheels that I saw on-line, but just happened to see them one day at a local store. They looked totally different!
    • Another thing that I didn't take in to consideration until later in the process was, even for a particular wheel design, the appearance can change DRAMATICALLY depending on the wheel's dimensions (offset, # of lugs, lug pattern, etc...)!
    • I decided to stay away from taking my black truck to ALL black. This eliminated the All-black rims!
    • I'm not a bling kinda guy! This eliminated most of the all chrome wheels. For a short time I was considering the chrome wheels because I thought it would work with the other chrome parts on the truck, but again, when I saw them in-person, they were TOO shiny. ALL attention would be focused on the wheels. So, no BLING for me!
    • Eliminating all-black and all-bling pretty much narrowed my selection. I started looking at the black rims that had been machine faced. I figured this design would help balance the overall look of the truck.
    • My truck's stock rims are 18". I decided to stay with 18" because I liked the tire-to-wheel ratio for appearance. To me, anything over 20" on a truck should be on a lowered set-up. A 4x4 truck should have plenty of tire showing! (Just my opinion!!)
    • Lastly, when I started seeing a lot of these wheels "in-person", I noticed that many of the designs had a lot of fake rivets, bolts, fasteners, etc. Being older now, I just saw this as extra effort required to clean the wheels. I decided to follow the KISS principal...Keep It Simple Stupid!!
    Sorry for the long post! At least I hope it gives you a few ideas to consider. The bottom line is....It Is Your Truck! Do What YOU Want!! GOOD LUCK!!!:great:
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