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    Hope this is the right place to put this but
    wanting to know if you can put 285/75/16 on a 16x7 rim
  2. Pikey

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    What tires are you looking at? What does the manufacture recommend? Michelin recommends 7.9-9" width for that size. Will they fit? Yes. It may bulge in the center and might look a little funny. I am sure guys do it all the time. I would not. I had a set of 35x16.5x15 on 15x9 rims. they bulged in the center, wore the tread down rather quickly in the middle. I switched to a 15x12 rim and they looked wider, wore evenly, rode better, and looked nicer.
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    I'll second staying within parameters that the tire manufacturer stipulates. If in doubt, check the manufacturer's site to determine what wheel width is needed...

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