When did these trucks go up in price?

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  1. Not that i live under a rock.. but i dont go shopping for a new truck everyday.. and i dont see a lot of commercials for suburban's these days but what happened to the prices.. it seems like yesterday i bought my 95 for 46k?. After using my GM discount & incentives i ended up financing 30. went to my local dealer and was browsing around saw a LT power all with trailing packing like my old one.. got in.. and nearly sharted when i saw the sticker said 60 something.. i got out quickly prayed and sped home! lol DAMYUM!! looks like my ass wont be enjoying the leather seats of a new suburban for a LONG time..or until my kids are abducted by aliens or move out and graduate from college.
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    Yeah it's crazy the pricing on these new trucks, I did great buying an 08 and I'd likely do it again in the future, just buy a couple years old, find an LTZ model, you'll be good to go.
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    Buying used is key in my opinion. It doesn't have to be 10, 6 or even 4 years old, just not out of the factory brand new. As everyone knows as soon as you drive the vehicle off the lot you lose tons on value. I think I'll always buy 1-3 year old vehicles. That way you still get warranty provided mileage isn't extremely high, you're getting more for your money IMO, and hopefully any small kinks from factory have been diagnosed and fixed to save me headaches. It's all about what you can afford though. My first truck, the one I currently own is just turning 7 years old. I bought it used at 5 years old.

    Even if I COULD afford a brand new fully loaded $50k-$70k truck, I still think I'd let someone else buy it from the factory so that I can get it cheaper off of them a year later. My truck was something in the range of $40k-$50k brand new, and yet 5 years later I get it for $13k. An average loss of $5k - $7k per year.
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    Also try buying a truck thats been on the lot a bit. In 2008 my parents bought a new 2007 GMC sierra 2500 HD 4 Door Z71 4x4 NBS. They got it for mid 30's brand new off the lot. No it doesn't have navigation or leather seats but its all power and that 6.0 will pull anything hooked to it so far.
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    I did the same in 03 when i bought my first newer to me truck. I bought a 2002 LS Z71 with basically all the options, and it had 19K miles. Sticker new was $34K and i paid $22K and it still had the warranty and all the nice stuff... However after having nothing but horrible luck with every truck after that i am now back to owning older beater trucks, that will last about 3 years mabey more, and i am completely happy with that.

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