Where do you get your replacement or upgrade parts from?

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by PantheraUncia, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. PantheraUncia

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    I am looking for places to order standard replacement parts from and upgrade parts also...

    Places I get regular wear parts are:

    • Advance Auto Parts
    • CarQuest
    • Auto Zone

    Places I look for upgrade parts:

    • LCM Truck
    • Jegs
    • JC Whitney

    I am thinking anything from High Output alternators, shocks, lift kits, rims, winches, manifolds, exhaust upgrades, manifolds, tuner's, chips, bed liners, running boards, HID upgrades, etc.
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  2. krp2nite

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    Summit Racing... they are close enough to me to avoid shipping but I would still at least consider them even if I had to pay for shipping. I remember when they were a much smaller outfit
  3. Scooter

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    Ive used Summit aswell as autoanything.com, free shipping....plus theyll price match if they sell that brand and they carry most brands from what I have seen.
  4. SurrealOne

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    It depends on what I'm ordering. Highly specialized stuff (like high output alternators) you need to go to a specialist.

    I used the following vendors for specialized stuff:

    * DC Power Engineering [https://www.dcpowerinc.com/] - High output alternators
    * Perfect Switch [http://www.perfectswitch.com/isolators/] - High continuous load, MOSFET-based battery isolators
    * US Jack [http://www.usjack.com/] - High-range bottle jacks
    * KnuKonceptz.com [http://www.knukonceptz.com/] - True 1/0 AWG high-flex copper cable; true 4ga high-flex copper cable
    * VTE Warehouse [https://www.vtewarehouse.com/] - High load ANL fuse holders, fuses, etc.
    * ConsoleVault.com [http://www.consolevault.com/] - Center console safes
    * Diversified Products [http://www.diversifiedproducts.net/] - Du-Ha storage, bed slides, mobile docking stations, etc.

    Generic, unspecialized, toaster-ish (a la can be set on a shelf and sold by any retailer) things cause me to go where the lowest prices are (when shipping is computed into the total, of course -- I take advantage of free shipping anywhere I can) ... as long as there's also a good return policy.

    Unspecialized vendors I've used:
    * partsgeek.com - fender flares
    * aztrucks.com - nerf bars
    * autoanything.com - Carriage Works grilles, brake pads, brake rotors
    * macneil.com - Weathertech vent visors
    * summitracing.com - SS brake lines, Bilstein shocks
    * Sears - 1 pair of DieHard Platinum (i.e. rebranded Odyssey) AGM batteries ... and a charger for them

    My largest supplier of unspecialized, upgrade parts will probably surprise you:
    * amazon.com

    For an understanding of why I order from Amazon a lot, be aware that I recently researched my Warn winch, winch carrier, and wireless remote on www.warn.com, made up my mind on what I wanted, and then began scouring the Internet pricing them (using their part numbers). I ordered all three of them from Amazon.com as they had the best pricing - bar none -- when shipping was considered. Key to that is that I'm an Amazon Prime member ($80 per year). For my 80 bucks I get access to a shared kindle library, 5000+ movies I can stream for free because of my membership, and things stocked/sold by Amazon, itself, are usually Prime-eligible -- which means free two-day shipping. (And I can, if I like, pay $3.99 per item to have it next-day aired if I'm in an even greater hurry.)

    I honestly feel like I've raped Amazon in shipping charges in the last 6 months. My UWS truck box (an oversized object, obviously) was 200 bucks cheaper from Amazon than anywhere else I priced it ... -AND- it was Prime-eligible (no shipping cost) and, thus, drop-shipped to me in 2 days because of it. My winch (all 87 lbs of it) was free 2-day shipping because it was Prime-eligible. Between those two items I got my 80 bucks back and then some. Other things that came from Amazon include my wheels (yes, they sell wheels!), alarm system components, stereo system components (except the subwoofer), sound deadening material, tailgate damper, Predator tuner, and all the LED's I've emplaced in the cab. Of those items the only thing I paid for shipping on was the sound-deadening material, as it wasn' stocked by Amazon, itself, and was instead simply sold through them by a third party. The rest was free shipping. And Amazon has a fantastic return policy (I've used it a few times.)


    P.S. I'm sure I've left off small details, but that covers the vast bulk of it. Realize though that I am -NOT- vendor-loyal. I go where prices+shipping are cheapest as long as there's a good return policy.
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