Where is fuel pump relay on 09 Silverado

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by eallanboggs, Jul 19, 2009.

  1. eallanboggs

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    Installing a Meziere electric water pump on my 09 Silverado. Using a 40A relay to provide 12Vdc to the pump. Want to trigger the relay off of the fuel pump relay. Looked under the hood at the FUSE/RELAY panel. Found the location for the relay, but the relay socket is EMPTY. What's up with that? No relay for the fuel pump? I know the ECM can provide enough current to power a fuel pump so where the heck did they move the relay to?
  2. Jimmiee

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    I don't have a wiring diagram for an 09 but why not power it off switched ignition voltage? Wouldn't you want the ability to keep it running to cool the engine with the engine not running in certain circumstances?
  3. Bikeman

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    It don't have a fuel pump relay. It has a fuel pump control module. You don't want link into that thing for sure. Not sure where you would hook it up. Like that jimmie dude said...something ignition powers up, course then it would run anytime the ignition was turned on, killing the battery.

    You could tie into the fuel pump 12v feed somewhere after the fuel pump control module. That circuit would only be powered up when the engine is running and briefly when the ignition is turned on.
  4. eallanboggs

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    I don't have a schematic either. Trying to get my hands on one. I also thought about the ING fuses. There are about 5 of them labeled XXX/IGN. One is labeled MISC/IGN which I think is GMs way of saying this fuse is HOT when the key switch is in the RUN position and it isn't tied to anything in particular. The other ING fuses are linked to HVAC or Trans or something else. The IGN fuses are only HOT when the engine is running. I pulled the MISC/IGN fuse while the engine was running to see if it would effect anything and it did not. I think I going to use MISC/IGN to trigger my electric water pump relay since I can't use the fuel pump circuit.

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